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I have been a Virtual Business Manager since 2008. Since then I have been honing my  business management and virtual assistance skills. I pride myself in always staying up-to-date with the latest, greatest technologies through hard work, research, online tutorials, social networking outlets and a network of business contacts that I have developed during my career.  And, it also doesn’t hurt that my husband is an IT guy (Technical Support).

So what exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.


“A highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, sales professionals and others who have more work to do than time to do it.”

-Virtual Assistant The Series © 2004,by Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker


Why should you hire a Virtual Business Manager?

  • It costs less to pay a VA than to hire a regular employee.
  • You only pay for the time on task, no coffee breaks or lunch hour.
  • No need for holiday or vacation pay.
  • You do not need to pay health insurance, payroll taxes or 401K.
  • No extra overhead expenses for desk, phone, computer, supplies or office space.
  • No time or money spent hiring, training, or managing employees.
  • You have the option to hire for seasonal or periodic projects.
  • Very Professional & Efficient services you can rely on.


So without further ado check out my services below and don’t hesitate to contact me for my Competitive Hourly Rate and Packages.


Social Media Marketing (Social Networking)

  • Social Media Strategies, Action Planning, and Social Marketing Coach - Research and suggest business-related social applications to enhance your presence.
  • Social Network Profile Setup and Management
  • Social Content Marketing – Article submissions, repurpose existing content, pinging (new content notification service), mass syndication, social bookmarking
  • Facebook / Twitter / YouTube/ LinkedIn Specialist – Set up and optimization of accounts. Keyword or buzzword monitoring. Reputation management. Build targeted exposure.

I can participate on social media sites on your behalf. Below are some ways:

  • Announcing your new events, products, services.
  • Post a series of tips or how-to’s that you provide.
  • Scheduling tweets, status updates.
  • Linking back to your blog posts.
  • Accepting/denying friend requests.
  • Monitor the posts on your Facebook Page Wall for conversations that you need to respond to, and remove spam comments.
  • Looking for ideal connections in your target audience and then sending requests.
  • Search for and keep you informed of the new features and functionality in the social media sites that you participate in.
  • Watching the social streams for your name or industry keywords, business opportunities, etc.
  • Updating your social media pages with your fresh images and videos.
  • Researching and identifying of industry-related online content as well as other valuable resources, and link to them on your social sites.

Customer Service (Email and Chat Support)

  • Supervision of your customer service via email and live chat support.

Data Entry

  • Data acquisition.
  • Data Cleansing/Mining.

Video and Audio Transcription

  • Get accurate and fast transcription services. Every transcript is proofread by one or more people to ensure utmost quality service.


  • Set up and update a blog (self-hosted and hosted) for your website.
  • Submit blog to RSS search engines and blog directories.
  • Blog topic research.
  • Article writing.
  • Blog editing and publishing.
  • Moderating blog comments.

Want to know more about my services? Please feel free to contact me!

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