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Living Life To The Fullest!

I haven’t written anything lately. It’s not because I’m too busy but because I didn’t have internet connection for a week. Can you believe it? A WEEK?!! Imagine the damage it did to my daily tasks. I hated SmartBro so bad last week that I kept calling their dumb CSRs.

What I've Been Up To Lately..

I don’t have the time or the inspiration to write just about anything so here are photos of all the stuffs that I’ve been up to lately. We checked out the Dinagyang celebration at the city, photos with my cousins at the hospital when Drix had his operation, a Year of the Ox (my year!!) bracelet from my bebeh, random photos of my so loved bebeh and as promised – the long overdue photos of my ear piercing!

My last party night with the Callboxers!

Last Saturday night we went to Ryan’s to check out Rockathon – a battle of the bands activity sponsored by the Xbox committee of Callbox. I realized that this was going to be the last party I’ll attend as a Callbox employee. I have resigned and my last day is going to be on the 4th of November. But I haven’t been to the office for a week now. I kind of miss my friends – especially Shey but I don’t miss being a telemarketer! Thank God I’m over that.

at the beach..

I promised myself that I will post the photos that Tim and I took the last time we went to Villa Rica. …

Bantayan Beach Photos!

I haven’t had time to write new posts these days specially about our Team Building at Bantayan but I think I’ll post …

Heart On The Sand

We went back to Villa Rica beach last Sunday afternoon. I have wanted to do this for such a long time. Tim …

The Sleepy Telemarketer

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But sometimes it just gets so redundant that I can’t help but think of …

beautiful faces i love..

This is Toto Alex. Tim’s nephew. Alex is the son of Tim’s older brother Nong Al. Although I haven’t met him yet …