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Allan's Talabahan in Oton

After I finished casting my vote, Tim and I decided to go to town to have lunch at Allan’s Talabahan. This is one of the “tourist attactions” of Oton. In my opinion, they serve the best talabas in Iloilo. But don’t listen to me though, I may be biased because I live in Oton. Haha! But nothing compares to Allan’s baked talaba! It’s the best! Allan’s Talabahan is located at Zulueta Street and they will open a branch at Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa soon.

Jesus You Are My Bestfriend!

Paris Hilton might be looking for BFFs but I have a BFF that she might want to meet too. My BFF is much more richer than Paris Hilton. He has given me life and a wonderful family. He has given me the best man. He has given me the best kind of friends. He has taught me a lot of lessons in life. He is always there when I need him, He doesn’t let me down and I know He never will. He gives me everything I want as long as it’s going to be for my betterment. He showers me with countless gifts, most of them priceless. He always listens to my rantings. Even if people don’t read every post of my blog I really don’t care because I know that He is always reading my blog posts although He doesn’t leave me a comment. LOL. He knows me better than everyone else. I can enumerate and list down countless things that my best friend is doing for me, but I can’t remember them all and it might take a lot of time but what matters is that He knows I appreciate everything that He’s done for me. I know I am not the “best” best friend but still he doesn’t give up on me. He’s still always there. Thank you so much Jesus – my best friend.

From The Inside Out

Learned this song from the Singles for Christ. I have a crush on Marty Sampson. He’s one of the Worship Leaders of Hillsong Church. I admire his faith. I admire the songs he composed. I admire his voice. I admire everything about him.

My Goals

Want to document my plans and goals for this year here in my blog. Will look at this by the end of …

Living Life To The Fullest!

I haven’t written anything lately. It’s not because I’m too busy but because I didn’t have internet connection for a week. Can you believe it? A WEEK?!! Imagine the damage it did to my daily tasks. I hated SmartBro so bad last week that I kept calling their dumb CSRs.

Blog more about Oton

These days I’ve noticed that I get more searches about Oton, Iloilo. And I don’t if I’m right but I think I’m the only Ogtonganon blogger. Correct me if I’m wrong though. But I searched the web, nobody is a blogger from Oton but me. So from now on I am planning to dedicate more time on blogging about my hometown. Maybe create a blog solely about Oton too if I have enough time. I know for a fact that there are many Ogtonganons from all around the world. They’ll be happy to be be updated of what’s happening here.

at the beach..

I promised myself that I will post the photos that Tim and I took the last time we went to Villa Rica. …

Heart On The Sand

We went back to Villa Rica beach last Sunday afternoon. I have wanted to do this for such a long time. Tim …

More Trivias About Oton

Old records have revealed that Katagman was the original name of Barangay San Antonio before the coming of the Spaniards. It was …