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Alaxan and DOLE Wants to Know: What is your toughest job?

Okay guys I hope you are ready for this! I am having my very first blog contest! I am really excited about this and I hope you – yes YOU – my awesome blog reader will join! This contest is actually in line with Alaxan FR and DOLE’s Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines. Alaxan FR and the Department of Labor and Employment are intent in looking for the Pinoy who has the toughest job here in the Philippines so I want to help them by having my very own blog contest and hopefully a lot of Ilonggos will join!

Alaxan FR and DOLE's Search for the Toughest Jobs in the Philippines

Last May 26th we were invited to attend an event for the launching of “The Search for the Toughest Jobs Philippines” which was held at DOLE’s Ople Hall in Intramuros, Manila. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao and Alaxan FR knows that Pinoys are very hardworking and that no job is too easy which is why they are looking for the person who has the toughest job. The search is a groundbreaking initiative that endeavors to honor Filipino men and women who face the challenges of their day-to-day jobs with pride, confidence, resiliency and most of all toughness.

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao

I stumbled upon this photo on Facebook when Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao defeated Miguel Cotto on November 14th, 2009. Pacquaio won the WBO Welterweight Title and WBC Diamond Belt. I don’t know who made this photo but it still stirs the Pinoy pride in me everytime I look at it. Pacman does that every time he wins a fight. So I’m posting this photo here in my blog so everyone who drops by will also remember that pride and be inspired by Pacquiao.

I just had the best 5 days of my life!

I just got home from the city after a day at the malls with Tim (who else?!) and I realized that I just had the best five days of my life so far. Let me tell you why. This blog post is just a summary of those 5 days because I will blog about them one by one in the next five days (get it?). That way I’ll have more topics to write about. LOL.

Boracay Here We Come!

I’m writing this post just for the key word and see if how many people will stumble upon my blog if I rant about Boracay! Anyway,we’re going to the beach! And not just the beach but the best beach in the Philippines! It’s the place to really hang out and chill, have fun with friends because it’s bursting with life! Just what I need!

Manny Pacquiao Won!!! Yeyyy!!

Oscar “Golden Boy” De La Hoya stopped his “Dream Match” with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao at the end of the eighth round of their scheduled 12-round fight. Pacquiao gave a great fight, probably his best fight ever. Manny is the WBC Lightweight champion. He kept throwing a left punch to the head of Oscar De La Hoya during the first round of their welterweight bout in Las Vegas, Nevada. And it went on and on until Oscar De La Hoya chose to give up and he stopped the fight.