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I've been busy with..

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately..

I have been busy with:
· Work.
· Studying Module 1 of Sociology 1 – Anthropology (interesting read!).
· Tim’s problem at work.
· Plurk
· Pacman (the Flash Pacman)
· Facebook
· Reading “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino” by Bob Ong
· The Eclipse yesterday.

unwinding with Bob Marley's Three Little Birds

I know Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley died even before I was born ( I was born 1985, Marley died 1981) but it doesn’t hinder me from admiring his music, opinions and beliefs. He’s a good man. He was born to a white English Jamaican father and a black Jamaican mother.

i had my ear pierced!

Hey guys! I FINALLY HAD MY EAR PIERCED FOR REAL!!! I had my left earlobe, on the upper right part pierced. I …

so proud of Arnel Pineda..

I’m so proud of Arnel Pineda. He’s the new vocalist for the famous band Journey. Everytime I watch this video of him …

at the beach..

I promised myself that I will post the photos that Tim and I took the last time we went to Villa Rica. …

Freelance Jobs Online

I have been browsing the www for freelance jobs online and I was overwhelmed by the number of opportunities that I found. …

The Little Things

Have you heard of Colbie Caillat’s songs? If you haven’t, what planet are you from? My favorite song this week is Colbie’s …

Tired and Happy MJ!

Just got back from the beach!!! I’m so tired and my body’s kinda sore. But I don’t mind! We had so much …