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One more step and I will be officially enrolled at CAP College! I already have my official Transcript of Records from WVSU (with the weird grades) and my Honorable Dismissal as well so nothing’s barring my way to getting that diploma (except studying, exams and tuition fees, LOL) ! Tim is very proud of me. And I hope my parents are as well. I really badly want to graduate from college. So no one should go nega on me now alright? I don’t want pessimists around me.

Help me choose my course!

So back to the topic, what should I study? Should I continue and finish my Bachelor of Arts in English course or should I shift to Bachelor of Arts in Psychology instead? If I continue with AB English, it’s going to be a lot easier and I will have more credited subjects. But it’s going to be boring and not so very challenging. But with AB Psychology, I’ll be learning about human behavior in all kinds of aspects. It’s interesting and I think I can use it in my job. And I bet it won’t be boring too. But it will take more time though. So what do you think guys? Help me choose my course. Give me more pros and cons. Thanks!

My Goals

Want to document my plans and goals for this year here in my blog. Will look at this by the end of …