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No Vacations

First of all let me say this, I don’t mean to brag in this blog post. Just wanted to share the fact that our family don’t really go on “vacations.” The usual 3 days/2 nights are not good enough for us. We don’t need to “breathe” because we love our …


4th of July 2016

Now that everyone is done vacationing, it’s our turn! Today is a very important day for Tim and I. It’s our 4th …


Tulips of Holland

Out of all those beautiful countries, I fell in love with Holland. I fell in love with the tulips, the windmills, the milkmaids, the cute cottages, the lakes, the vast greenery, the simple lifestyle – everything about Holland is just amazing. The burst of colors is a feast to my eyes!

17 Things You Should Know About Bacolod

Because Daphne Tania Molenaar, our candidate for the Miss World Philippines 2012 is 17 years old and hails from “The City of Smiles,” I prepared a list of 17 things you shoul know about Bacolod. Some of this things you might know already but I hope you would still get a point or two. Read on.

Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store Bacolod

I was thinking of a place to have dinner and Ms. Gladys’s suggestion was just in time. So I went to their store and ordered two of their bestsellers and of course the smoothie. My taste buds had so much fun that it made me wish Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store had a branch in Iloilo too! Paging Ms. Gladys. Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store sells all-natural, artisan, eco-friendly, healthy, safe and sustainable products that have been selectively sourced from different partners and producers whose products are better alternative to conventional food.

Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2012

Tomorrow I am going back to Davao for the third time, and this time it will be for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT) 2012! And what’s better? I’m going to experience it with Tim! I had a taste of some of the delicious food offered by Davao last February when I went there for an exclusive tour with no other than Ms. Ria Jose of

Wanderlust Journals: First Filipino-inspired Travel Planner is Out!

I am happy to share with you guys a super great news! The Wanderlust Journals is out! Are you planning to explore the Philippines in 2012? Why not go somewhere and mingle with locals as they celebrate their FIESTAS! Get travel tips and more for various Philippines destinations when you buy the Wanderlust Journals!

Travel Essentials

It is really miserable having to carry around heavy bags through airports, hotel lobbies, down streets, into buses, and here and there. It is so miserable that I have refused to do it again. Simple living and traveling are both about having freedom and you cannot have freedom when you are literally loaded down. So here are some tips on how to pack light.