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Get Ready For Gloo!

Before the advent of the internet, it was so hard to communicate with relatives, friends and loved ones who are living or working abroad. Then, we had to use the “snail mail” or send telegrams which takes weeks or even months to reach the recipients. But now because of the advancement of technology and the internet, its so easy to get in touch with the people that we love. There’s instant messaging, emailing, social networks, SMSing and now I have also discovered Gloo which is a new and super fun way to share information with my friends and family with Globe Broadband. Gloo is a web application that allows us users to collaborate on virtual spaces by embedding and manipulating images, notes, videos and even creating doodles in real-time. And another great thing about Gloo is that users that share a space have the ability to chat with other users who are also online as well as send SMS or MMS.

Google Wave

I first heard about Google Wave through Plurk last summer after Google announced it at their annual Google I/O (Innovation In The Open). I was able to watch a short introduction via YouTube. I linked the video below so you could check it out. I got curious about this exciting new tool so I decided to sign up for it so I will be able to try out the preview once they release it to users. Google Wave was initially released only to developers but then they extended it to nearly 1 million users beginning September 30th. The initial 100,000 users were each allowed to invite 20 additional users. And because I signed up early I guess I was one of those initial users who are allowed to invite 20 Wavers! I finally received my invite last October 14th! And I have invited some of my friends to try out Google Wave with me.

Our names are going to Mars!

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory is sending a rover to Mars in 2011 so they’re inviting and encouraging everyone to participate by filling up a simple form with our names so we could have our names included on a microchip that will be in the rover. Isn’t it exciting? So even if we can’t go to Mars physically at least our names could get to go. So if you want you could join in the fun too!