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I’m Left-Handed!

While scrolling through my bog posts, I realized I haven’t written anything about me at all for such a long time. So I decided to share an interesting fact about me here today – I’m a LEFTIE. Yes I’m left-handed. I know there are lots of myths and facts out …

Have Coffee With Me

Someone asked me why does it seem like I am always “happy”? Gave that person really simple answers. I share the “answer” …

Blame is the Culprit

Blame – as most of us think – is the melodramatic pointing of a finger towards someone who has done something wrong. But in truth, we are actually into blame in just about every waking moment of our days. From the weather, to rude drivers, to how the toothpaste was squeezed, you know the deal. We blame and never think a thing about it. Yeah sure more times than not we are probably justified in our accusations, but so what?!

Photo Exhibit – The Rejects

These are my photos that did not make it to the top 7 and be included in our photography class’s exhibit. But I am still happy with how they turned out so I decided to make a special blog post for them.

Nurture an Optimist's Point of View

In life, everyone is always filled with choices. A person may opt to have a pessimist’s view and live a self-defeated, miserable life or may also decide to take the optimist’s route and take a fulfilling and challenging life. People respond positively to optimists. So if you feel like you are losing your friends and alienating people then you should know who has the problem.

Tim and Jane's Adventures

This video is a photo compilation of some of my adventures with Tim. The music is “Marry Me Jane” by Gadfly. Gadfly is a local band from Bacolod. I had so much fun in making this video. Bear with the sweetness ok? I guess this is because of the jar of honey that Tim gave me last weekend.

Blogging Changed My Life

Seth Godin and Tom Peters said it all. This sums up why I blog. I will write a blog post soon on how blogging has changed my life. Maybe I will inspire more people to blog as well.

Monica and I

Nonoy Tim went home so I had the day to bond with Monicay again. Went to Spa Riviera for a back scrub and body massage. Then I met up with Monicay at SM Delgado. Went to SM City, had lunch at KFC and Monica got her hair trimmed. Then Mimay was there! Weeee! Of course gurl talk commenced but Mimay had to go because she was with her sister and nephew.