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Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store Bacolod

I was thinking of a place to have dinner and Ms. Gladys’s suggestion was just in time. So I went to their store and ordered two of their bestsellers and of course the smoothie. My taste buds had so much fun that it made me wish Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store had a branch in Iloilo too! Paging Ms. Gladys. Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store sells all-natural, artisan, eco-friendly, healthy, safe and sustainable products that have been selectively sourced from different partners and producers whose products are better alternative to conventional food.

Fresh Start Organic Farm in Silay City

Fresh Start Organics is a privately owned company which was founded in 2005 by Mr. Ramon Uy and his wife Mrs. Francine Uy. They actually first started as producers of organic fertilizers and their company has grown into a business whose expanded product range includes not only certified organic fertilizers, but also fresh and let me say it again “ORGANIC” produce, organic rice, organic coffee (my favorite!) as well as organic pigs (they are vegetarian pigs) and free range chickens. Other additions to Fresh Start’s product lines include Healthy Pantries and Natural Personal Care products.

Meshi Japanese Buffet at Days Hotel's The Promenade

The Promenade’s Japanese Buffet is at Days Hotel Iloilo every Wednesday. They have struck the winning formula of attracting diners with a decent spectrum of Japanese favorites judging by the number and quality of diners they have attracted. The concept also appeals to families and those who hanker for a relaxed dining experience with friends where they can eat and laugh heartily.

Food Tripping at Roxas City, Capiz

I have so many things to be thankful for and one of them is that I am living near the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines.” I love seafood! So last June, Tim and I were craving for them a lot so we decided to go to Roxas City, Capiz and just eat our hearts out with seafood. Roxas City has been a three-time recipient of the Regional Cleanest and Greenest Component City in Western Visayas Award of the Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran Program of the national government.

Must Try Meals by Bluejay Coffee and Deli

Bluejay Coffee and Deli is offering three “Must Try Meals” this July that are big on taste and easy on the pocket. Bluejay’s delicious and budget conscious meals will surely be a hit to foodies, students as well as to the Bluejay loyalistas.

Bondoc's Viewing Deck Bar and Resto at San Jose Antique

But it’s okay I know there will be lots of opportunities to go back there again to take those photos. So if ever you go to San Jose, Antique try to check out Bondoc’s Viewing Deck Bar and Restaurant. The food is great, the service crew are awesome, the service is fast, the place is beautiful and the prices reasonable. It is not like the usual restaurant you frequently haunt in the city so be sure to go there! Because I am definitely going back! :)

Monica and I

Nonoy Tim went home so I had the day to bond with Monicay again. Went to Spa Riviera for a back scrub and body massage. Then I met up with Monicay at SM Delgado. Went to SM City, had lunch at KFC and Monica got her hair trimmed. Then Mimay was there! Weeee! Of course gurl talk commenced but Mimay had to go because she was with her sister and nephew.

Allan's Talabahan in Oton

After I finished casting my vote, Tim and I decided to go to town to have lunch at Allan’s Talabahan. This is one of the “tourist attactions” of Oton. In my opinion, they serve the best talabas in Iloilo. But don’t listen to me though, I may be biased because I live in Oton. Haha! But nothing compares to Allan’s baked talaba! It’s the best! Allan’s Talabahan is located at Zulueta Street and they will open a branch at Anhawan Beach Resort and Spa soon.

Iloilo Bloggers at New York Barbeque

So yesterday we met at New York Barbeque which is located at #29 Jalandoni St. Iloilo City (in front of Centennial Hotel). Tim and I arrived 30 minutes before the appointed time of the meeting so we decided to try out their chicken barbeque and we were not disappointed.

I just had the best 5 days of my life!

I just got home from the city after a day at the malls with Tim (who else?!) and I realized that I just had the best five days of my life so far. Let me tell you why. This blog post is just a summary of those 5 days because I will blog about them one by one in the next five days (get it?). That way I’ll have more topics to write about. LOL.

Boracay Here We Come!

I’m writing this post just for the key word and see if how many people will stumble upon my blog if I rant about Boracay! Anyway,we’re going to the beach! And not just the beach but the best beach in the Philippines! It’s the place to really hang out and chill, have fun with friends because it’s bursting with life! Just what I need!