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An Interview with Miss World Philippines 2012 Candidate No. 15 Daphne Molenaar’s Friends

The Miss World Philippines 2012 fever is on! I’m here now in my room at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel, thanks to and TV 5. Just checked in and let me just say that this hotel indeed lives up to up to its high standards. Not only am I watching the beauty pageant live but I’m also staying in this prestigious hotel. The level of comfort they’re offering here are in more ways than one.

Miss World Philippines Candidate No. 15 Daphne Tanya Molenaar

The Universe loves me – scratch that – this time I’ve proven that the World loves me! Why? Because I got the good fortune of being the Miss World Philippines Regional Blogger Correspondent! And do you know what’s better than that? I get to interview the family of one of the prettiest contestants and get to know her more. I am so privileged to be able to support Miss World Philippines Candidate #15: Daphne Tanya L. Molenaar!

Beauty and Madness

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez won the Miss Universe 2009 beauty pageant held in Nassau, Bahamas today. I woke up late but I was still able to watch the question and answer portion of the pageant. The girls were smart, but not that smart. But back to the topic of my post, after watching Miss Venezuela win again this year it made me do some research about the supposedly beauty pageant school they have in Venezuela. I have heard of Osmel Sousa before but I just read more about him today. I stumbled upon some stuffs on my googling and I want to post them here in my blog. I have already shared this on my FaceBook and Plurk accounts and so far the responses I’ve received are not that nice – as I expected it would be. LOL. Tell me want you think as well guys!