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Hot Viberacay Summer!

How hot is the weather today? It’s 31°! Can you believe it?! But nothing is as hot as what’s happening in Boracay right now – it’s Viberacay Summer! Will let you know more about it in a while. As an Ilongga, one of the things I love most about living …

Ferns Tosco Live at Kanta Pilipinas Iloilo Auditions

I finally have an acceptable video of Ferns Tosco singing “Island Called Boracay” live! Here she is at her final audition for Kanta Pilipinas, TV 5′s upcoming musical reality search. I seldom watch tv, much less reality shows, but if Ferns gets to be one of the final contestants of this show, I will definitely watch it everyday! Even join the voting process!

Boracay Marine Walk Experience with White Blue

Here’s another installment of our Boracay weekend getaway last July. On our second day we did one of the most enjoyable activities while in Boracay Island, Philippines – the Marine Walk. Marine Walk is a helmet diving system that has been designed for the ultimate underwater experience. We literally walked under the sea, surrounded by fascinating marine life, live corals, and colorful tropical fishes!

Ride the Zorb in Boracay!

I finally know how a ball feels after riding the Zorb in Boracay last July. The Zorb is a new extreme adrenaline rush activity in Boracay and all I can say is that I am definitely doing it again next time I’m there! It’s so much fun riding down a hill harnessed inside a giant plastic ball. If you are craving for a natural high this is one of the best ways to experience it.

Boracay – Day 1

So today I’m going to write about our first day in Boracay. This post has been long overdue but I had a ton of tasks to do and I also did some studying (for what, you don’t have to know right now..haha). Boracay is the most popular summer getaway here in the Philippines and it’s also popular with tourists from other countries because of its unique white sand beach. Boracay is actually known as the ” Paradise Island of the Philippines.” And if you’ve ever been there you already know why. To those who haven’t yet well you have to go there to know why. LOL. For now feel free to read my Boracay experience.

I just had the best 5 days of my life!

I just got home from the city after a day at the malls with Tim (who else?!) and I realized that I just had the best five days of my life so far. Let me tell you why. This blog post is just a summary of those 5 days because I will blog about them one by one in the next five days (get it?). That way I’ll have more topics to write about. LOL.

Boracay Here We Come!

I’m writing this post just for the key word and see if how many people will stumble upon my blog if I rant about Boracay! Anyway,we’re going to the beach! And not just the beach but the best beach in the Philippines! It’s the place to really hang out and chill, have fun with friends because it’s bursting with life! Just what I need!