Renai and indoor playgrounds!

Renai loves to play and of course naturally she loves playgrounds. We don’t really let her play at indoor playgrounds because I’ve heard so many horror stories. HFMD, getting colds and other viral diseases from other kids, things like that. If we do let her play, we choose the ones that are new and then we usually go on weekdays so there’s not a lot of kids. Renai is very friendly and we love watching her interact with other kids.

She was very good in school and at home last week so we promised her that we will go  to Vista Mall and let her play at Kinder City. She had so much fun there! First by herself then with other kids. Of course Papa and Mama (and Z!) had fun watching Manang Nei2x too.

Took photos and videos of her, as usual. Lol

kinder city vista mall iloilo 1

Running around, can’t choose what to play with!

kinder city vista mall iloilo 2

She likes going down the fireman’s pole. With papa’s help of course!

kinder city vista mall iloilo 3

Choo choo train!

kinder city vista mall iloilo 4

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