Hakab Na! 2015 in Iloilo

This proud breastfeeding mama just got to bond with other Ilongga breastfeeding moms today! Our exclusively breastfed 11 month old baby girl Renaissance, the ever supportive Papa Tim and I joined this year’s Hakab Na! 2015 here in Iloilo, organized by the Breastfeeding Ilonggas – and it was a very fulfilling experience! Why? Because it’s great to meet with other parents who share the same passion as we do when it comes to the importance of breastfeeding our precious little ones.

Happy moms and babies after the 1-minute simultaneous latch on.

So what exactly is Hakab Na!? It is a breastfeeding activity where mothers (fathers, support systems) come together and simultaneously latch their babies and toddlers. Today is its 3rd year. This event seeks to create awareness of the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding, promote the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding mothers and ultimately, create a breastfeeding nation. Hakab Na! is held in August, in time for the Philippines’ National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Read more about Hakab Na! here.

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, a mama who wants to re-lactate or if you’re expecting – you can join the Iloilo-based breastfeeding club called BREASTFEEDING ILONGGAS. The admins there will help you and answer all your breastfeeding questions. They’re really nice so you can ask whatever you want and they will answer you because it is their advocacy to “Protect, Promote, and Support Breastfeeding” in Iloilo. It really helps to have a support group because believe me breastfeeding is not easy. It takes courage, patience and perseverance!


Right before the big latch-on. Renaissance attentively listening to one of the speakers.


Here’s an overview of the Hakab Na! 2015 activity in Iloilo which was held at Robinson’s Place:

9:00-10:00am ● Registration

10:00-10:30am ● Prayer / Opening Remarks / Instructions and preparation for the Big Latch On by Myra Y. Ortega-Goco (BFI Founding Member and Admin)

10:30am ● Simultaneous latch on for 1 minute

10:30-10:45am ● Documentation / Group picture

10:45-11:15am ● Distribution of Snacks / Empowerment Talk:

“Breastfeeding and Work: Let’s Make it Work!” by Adhara Alcudia Sebuado, RN, Certified Lactation Counselor (BFI Founding Member and Admin)

11:15-11:30am ● Raffle / Acknowledgement of sponsors

11:30am-12:00pm ● Closing Remarks / Announcements / Distribution of giveaways from sponsors

With the ever-supportive Papa.

Again, thank you so much to the Breastfeeding Ilonggas for organizing this event. We can’t wait to join next year’s Hakab Na! 2016 because we do plan to continue our breastfeeding journey until Renai chooses to self-wean. Until then, the three of us are going to enjoy this gift!

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