Dinagyang and Kasadyahan 2015 Winners

Here’s the list of winners for Dinagyang 2015 Ati Tribe Competition as well as the Kasadyahan Regional Cultural Competition winners.

Even though Tim and I weren’t able to cover this year’s Dinagyang, we were still able to enjoy it’s live coverage on TV. And we’re here in Iloilo with Renaissance, her first time to experience Dinagyang 2015!

Below is the complete list of this year’s winners! I’m still updating it as I’m listening to the radio! If you have any questions let me know!

dinagyang 2015 winners

Photo taken Dinagyang 2012

Dinagyang Festival 2015 Ati Tribe Competition

Major Awards:
Champion – Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School – Grand Slam Winner (They won for the 3rd time in a row!)
1st runner-up – Tribu Paghidaet of Lapaz National High School
2nd runner-up – Tribu Ilonganon of Jalandoni Memorial High School
3rd runner-up – Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School
4th runner-up – Tribu Ilawadnon of Fort San Pedro National High School

Minor/Special Awards:
Best Choreographer – Tribu Panayanon
Best Costume Designer – Tribu Paghidaet
Best Headdress – Tribu Panayanon
Best Shield and Spear – Tribu Panayanon
Best Musical Director – Tribu Ilonganon
Best in Discipline – Tribu Paghidaet
Best in Music – Tribu Ilonganon
Best in Costume – Tribu Paghidaet
Best in Street Dancing – Tribu Salognon
Best Choreography – Tribu Panayanon
Best Performance – Tribu Panayanon

Kasadyahan Cultural Dance Results

Major Awards:
Grand Champion – Tribu Tatusan
1st Runner up – Tribu Pantat
2nd Runner up – Tribu Kaing
3rd Runner up – Tribu Pintaflores
4th Runner up – Tribu Salakayan

Minor/Special Awards:
Best in Festival Costume – Tribu Pintaflores
Best in Music – Tribu Kaing
Best Musical Director – Tribu Kaing
Best in Streetdance – Tribu Kaing
Best in Choreography – Tribu Tatusan
Best Choreographer – Tribu Tatusan
Best in Performance – Tribu Tatusan

Sponsors Mardi Gras Winners

Grand Champion –  St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Best Float – M. Lhuillier Philippines
Best in Festival Music – University of San Agustin
Best in Costume – St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Best Choreography – Jollibee

Tambor Trumpa Martsa Musika Winners

1st Place – Dingle Central Elementary School
2nd Place – Alimodian Elementary School
3rd Place – Sambag Elementary School

1st Place – Dingle National High School
2nd Place – Ramon Avancena National High School
3rd Place – Iloilo National High School

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