Dinagyang and Kasadyahan 2013 Winners

It’s our 4th year of covering the Dinagyang Ati Tribe Competition and for this year Dinagyang 2013, the excitement is still alive! Right now I’m writing this quick post so that everyone will know who won these year’s Kasadyahan and Dinagyang Ati Tribe Competion. Congratulations to all the winners!

Watch out for my next post because I’ll be sharing with everyone Tim’s videos of the Ati tribes’ performances!


Photo taken Dinagyang 2012.

Congratulations to Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School for bagging most of this year’s Dinagyang 2013 Ati Tribe competition’s major awards and they are also the Grand Champion!

Tribu Panayanon will represent Dinagyang Festival and Iloilo City in the upcoming Aliwan Fiesta 2013 in Manila this coming April. They will also be flying to Singapore on the third quarter of this year.

So below is the complete list of this year’s winners! If you have questions let me know!

Dinagyang Festival 2013 Ati-ati Competition

Major Award:
Champion – Tribu Panayanon
1st runner-up – Tribu Ilonganon
2nd runner-up – Tribu Salognon
3rd runner-up – Tribu Milagrosa
4th runner-up – Tribu Atub-Atub

Minor/Special Award:
Best Choreography – Tribu Panayanon
Best Choreographer – Tribu Panayanon
Best Music – Tribu Ilonganon
Best Musical Director – Tribu Ilonganon
Best in Costume – Tribu Ilonganon
Best in Costume Designer- Tribu Ilonganon
Best Performance – Tribu Panayanon
Best in Street Dance – Tribu Salognon
Best Headdress -Tribu Panayanon
Best in Discipline -Tribu Salognon

Opening Salvo Award:
Best in Costume Opening Salvo – Tribu Ilonganon
Best in Performance – Tribu Panayanon
Best in Discipline – Tribu Panayanon


Kasadyahan Cultural Dance Results
Major Award:
Champion – Salakayan – Miagao, Iloilo
1st runner-up – Tribu Kaing – Leon, Iloilo
2nd runner-up – Tribu Bayluhay – San Joaquin, Iloilo
3rd runner-up – Tribu Pagdayaw – Dumarao, Capiz
4th runner-up – Tribu Mandaragat – San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

Special Award:
Best Choreography -Salakayan – Miagao, Iloilo
Best Choreographer -Salakayan – Miagao, Iloilo
Best Music – Tribu Kaing – Leon, Iloilo
Best Musical Director -Tribu Kaing – Leon, Iloilo
Best in Costume – Tribu Kaing – Leon, Iloilo
Best Performance – Salakayan – Miagao, Iloilo
Best in Street Dance – Salakayan – Miagao, Iloilo

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