Our Prenup Video by Polarized Media Studio

It’s been 22 days since Tim and I got married and well so many things has happened since. Like we moved to our new home the day we got married. And we already hosted a number of guests. And I re-learned how to cook! And we haven’t been eating meat! More on that on my next blog posts.

We have so many people to thank for, friends and loved ones who helped us out to ensure that we have the greatest wedding ever. One of them is our friend Mia of Polarized Media Studio. She’s the one whose responsible for our amazing prenuptial video below.  She did an awesome job as you all can see. She had to work with us under the hot sun and cold rain (naks!) at Garin Farm in San Joaquin, Iloilo. But of course – as expected – Mia overdid herself. She surprised Tim and me on our wedding day by remembering the song I suggested, because I thought she forgot and I also was not able to remind her. But she showed up with the awesome prenup video and I just got so excited when it was shown during the reception that I was not able to eat at all. LOL! That’s true just ask Tim.

So again, thank you guid Mi for the GIFT! Yours is the most expensive of all. :)

Here’s the prenup video Mia made. Enjoy!

Polarized Media Studio makes Cinematic Wedding Presentations. They make classy, timeless and memorable films you can treasure for a lifetime. Visit their website for their rates: http://polarizedmedia.com/

You can also text them at: 09173053107

Or email them: polarizedmedia@gmail.com

Like their Facebook Page as well: https://www.facebook.com/polarizedmedia


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