17 Things You Should Know About Bacolod

Because Daphne Tania Molenaar, our candidate for the Miss World Philippines 2012 is 17 years old and hails from “The City of Smiles,” I prepared a list of 17 things you shoul know about Bacolod.  Some of this things you might know already but I hope you would still get a point or two. Read on.

  1. The Masskara Festival  is actually not just a festival or a mere form of merry making. The true meaning of Masskara is also found not only in Bacolod but also in all Filipinos who still find happiness  and strength even in trying times. Filipinos always have a ready smile. (Look at Daphne, she must be exhausted but she doesn’t look it. :D )
  2. Fresh Start Organic – a company that has an organic farm and store – are committed to bringing the best quality organically grown foods from their farms. They are committed to the health and well being of the people, improvement of the lives of small farmers, protection and conservation of wildlife and the environment and security and sustainability of our agricultural food system (food chain).
  3. In Negros Province, Bacolod’s location is very friendly for day-trippers. You can visit the cities and towns of North or South Negros and come back to Bacolod within the day.
  4. Bacolod is very well known for its “inasal na manok” (roasted chicken) and for  “Manokan Country”.
  5. Felicia’s Pastry Cafe and Steak Room is another great find. There are lots of pastry and coffee shops in Bacolod and this is one of the best. Try their different flavored macarons and cream puffs. You can find them at 6th Lacson Street, DOLL Building, 6100 Bacolod City.
  6. Just like Iloilo City, you can find nature’s wonders that are just a minute away. If you’re a frequent traveller, you will find out that the food and the hotels are way cheaper in Bacolod compared to other cities. You can book rooms at a cheaper price at Agoda.com.
  7. Bacolod and Iloilo are sister cities. Both cities are actively promoting tourism. Both cities are focused on their beautification, upgrading the traffic management, repairing of roads and building flyovers as well as overpasses. Both cities have a very significant rise on the number  of tourist traffic in the past couple of years.
  8. Hua Kong Chinese Drug Store – discovered this one only last year. They are offering a huge range of health and beauty products and theyy supply to most of the hotels, restaurants, caterers and chefs in Negros. They also have Asian deli, spices and condiments and they also sell Chinese, Japanese and most Asian items. They’re at 65 – 67 Tindalo Ave. CSC Tindalo Avenue, 6100 Bacolod City.
  9. 888 Chinatown Square – this is the Greenhills of Bacolod. Lots of items for less. They’re located at Gatuslao-Cottage Road, 6100 Bacolod City.
  10. The people of Bacolod are now actively engaging in and promoting organic farming and living a healthy lifestyle. You can check out the Organic Market behind the Provincial Capitol Building of Bacolod City. They also have an organic restaurant there.
  11. If you are craving for seafoods, you can go to Pala-Pala , you can buy them still alive and have them cook it for you while you wait. You can find all the Bacolod staples: inasal, hito with gata, fresh seafood. They’re located at San Juan Street, Bacolod City.
  12. Bacolod has produced lots of beauty queens. If you’ve heard of Maggiel Wilson, – they’re all from Bacolod.
  13. Also check out Negros Showroom, it has been declared by the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotions as the No. 1 trade house in the Philippines. The Negros Showroom displays the products of the ANP member-producers and serves as their business.
  14. Saning’s Eatery – if you’re craving for “nilalaga, kansi, and bulalo” then Saning’s is the place to be. they’re located in front of the Zamora family house. Just ask the locals and they will direct you there.
  15. Walk along Lacson Street because these street has it all. Lots of restaturants to choose from. If you’re craving for Japanese, Italian, Filipino – it’s there. Coffee shops and malls too.
  16. Aside from the Masskara Festival, Bacolod also has the Bacolodiat festival. This is an event that is timed to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year.
  17. Visit the new Government Center. This is actually the new Municipal hall and has a fountain in the middle. The fountain is beautiful, and it is also said that at the end of the day when the mayor goes home, they turn the fountain off.



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