An Interview with Miss World Philippines 2012 Candidate No. 15 Daphne Molenaar’s Family

Two more days to go and it’s finally the Miss World Philippines 2012 Pageant Night! We will finally get to know who the new beauty queen is. I’m so excited! I hope Candidate #15 Daphne Tanya Molenaar wins because she deserves it!

I got to meet Daphne’s family and friends last Wednesday, June 20th.  I went to Bacolod to meet and interview them for my blog. And it was such a great experience because they were so accommodating and answered all of my questions not only about Daphne but also about their family as well.  So in my blog post today, I am going to highlight my interview with Daphne’s family first.

I got to meet Daphne’s father, Mr. Dirk Molenaar, her sister Stephanie, and her brother David. Her mother, Mrs. Sally J. Molenaar was in Manila that time (until now) and she’s the one who’s with Daphne. They shared a lot with me about their family and so I’d just like to take this opportunity again to thank you all for being so nice to me and for trusting me not only with your daughter’s story but also of your family as well.

So now let me share with you all what I learned about our Candidate No. 15 Daphne Tanya Molenaar. In my first blog post I already wrote about her basic details, that she’s the youngest among the candidates, her hobbies, her awards, her talents, and her helpful other side.

Daphne's family: Mr. Dirk Molenaar, sister Stephanie, and brother David.

Mr. Dirk Molenaar told me that they’ve been living here in the Philippines since Daphne was three years old. But before that they’ve been constantly traveling back and forth between the Philippines and Holland. And her sister Stephanie told me that when Daphne was a just little girl she was actually so girly, but when she started high school she became boyish – she even cut her own hair! Now only girls with guts cut their own hair. Hahaha! This information made me laugh (Thanks Steph. :) ) David, Daphne’s younger brother who is also in high school told me that her sister actually knows how to play the piano too. So she doesn’t just play the guitar! I braced myself for more surprises as the interview progressed.

I asked them what Daphne’s strengths are and they unanimously told me that it’s her intelligence. At 17, Daphne has accomplished so much already. She’s an honor student at the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod, she’s a writer, and she reads – a lot. Her favorite authors are Charlotte Bronte, Pat Conroy, Paulo Coelho, Rennison, Carr, Cornelia Funke, and Jane Austen. Stephanie said her sister loves to read unabridged books too.

Daphne wants to become a lawyer so she plans on taking up BS Psychology as her pre-law course. She is not a great fan of politics (I admire her for that) which is the reason why she wants to major in psychology, not Political Science.

I’ll stop focusing on Daphne’s “brains” now and let’s focus on her “beauty.” Asked how prepared Daphne is for the Miss World Philippines 2012 pageant, Stephanie said that her sister is more than prepared. This is one of Daphne’s dreams. She’s been modeling for a while now so she already knows how to work the stage. She even knows how to do her own make-up.

Thank you for being so nice!

And here’s another fact about Daphne, since 2009, they’ve been  spending Christmas by giving new stuffed toys to more than 125 pediatric patients at the Provincial Hospital in Bacolod City together with parents, siblings and close family friends Dr. Rick and Ester Zander. As a Rotary Club member, Mr. Dirk Molenaar has been making his children aware of all the problems in our society. They’ve been really active in the Gawad Kalinga Foundation. When his children were younger they used to visit orphanages, engage in social projects, join the Girl Scouts, and join outreach programs as well. Not bad for a 17 year old eh?

Before the interview ended I asked them if they think Daphne will win the Miss World Philippines 2012 title. Her father said they are not putting any pressure on their daughter at all. They know that Daphne knows what to do, she’s still young and has a very bright future ahead of her and the experience already is a great reward.

So that’s it. I had a great time talking to Daphne’s family. Learned a whole lot of details about her. It feels like I actually know her already. LOL! That’s why I can’t wait to meet her in person.

Daphne with her whole family during her HS Prom.

Thank you so much again Mr. Dirk Molenaar, Stephanie and David! I hope to see you again soon. I enjoyed your company so much.

Please watch out for my next blog post because it’s going to be about Daphne’s friends and the reasons why they love Daphne and why they believe that she’s going to win the Miss World Philippines 2012 Beauty Pageant.

Time to pack my bags! Thank you TV 5 for this wonderful opportunity of meeting remarkable people. It’s really a great experience. And of course I can’t wait to see my room at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel. Thank you! I just love this life! Thank you Universe! Thank you World! :D

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