Ferns Tosco Live at Kanta Pilipinas Iloilo Auditions

Ferns Tosco singing Island Called Boracay

I finally have an acceptable video of Ferns Tosco singing “Island Called Boracay” live! Here she is at her final audition for Kanta Pilipinas, TV 5′s upcoming musical reality search. I seldom watch tv, much less reality shows, but if Ferns gets to be one of the final contestants of this show, I will definitely watch it everyday! Even join the voting process! Haha!

By the way to learn more about Ferns Tosco please read my previous blog posts about her in the links below:

So for now, enjoy Ferns’ amazing voice in all its raw beauty! The judges, Ilonggo audience and of course Tim (who took this video) enjoyed listening to Ferns! While the other contestants only sang once or worse were stopped in the middle of a song – Ferns was asked to sing twice! Yes twice – by the awesome judges! She sang her other composition, “Broken Home”. We will be uploading a video of that soon too so please watch out for it.

Tim and I are super thrilled that Ferns made it to the finals! Kanta Pilipinas watch out for Ferns Tosco! Woot!

By the way sorry for the poor quality of the video. But the audio is really good though. Just listen and be amazed. :)

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