I just had the best 5 days of my life!

I just got home from the city after a day at the malls with Tim (who else?!) and I realized that I just had the best five days of my life so far. Let me tell you why. This blog post is just a summary of those 5 days because I will blog about them one by one in the next five days  (get it?). That way I’ll have more topics to write about. LOL.

First Best Day – April 29th, 2009

Boracay! Tim, Dianne, Sev and I went to Boracay. Which I think everyone already knows (including my boss..hehe) because I blogged about it here and FaceBooked, Plurked and Twittered about it too! Bear with me guys, I’m just one lucky, excited girl. Haha. Boracay doesn’t happen often even if I’m just an island away from there. And going there is not that cheap too. Will tell you more about the first best day tomorrow. In the meantime here’s two sneak peeks.


Of course we had to have our photos taken with the mandatory Boracay sand castle..haha!


We had a buffet dinner at a resto near the beach, delicious dinner!

Second Best Day – April 30th, 2009

It’s our second day at Boracay. We had fun fun fun under the sun and the moon plus a little drizzle but it wasn’t bad.  LOL. We went boating and snorkeling. Our boat’s captain – Manong Bebot Salvador (who is actually from Sta. Barbara, Iloilo too!) toured us around the island and pointed some interesting beaches and mansions – which I will tell you all on my upcoming blog post. Here again are two sneak peeks.


Boating and snorkeling!


Dinner at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos! The best seafood basket in Boracay!

Third Best Day – May 1st, 2009

Third and last day in Boracay! Bought pasalubongs for the family and friends. Rode the bus with an upset stomach because of all the gluttony. Hehehe. But riding the bus was fine because I was with Tim. Being with him makes all the pain go away and the boredom too. He really knows how to take care of me and how to deal with my tantrums too. Hehe. Love you beh. And of course, two more photos!


Dianne, me, Tim and Manong Bebot Salvador our boat captain in front of our resort – Queen’s!


Tim and MJ at the beach!

Fourth Best Day – May 2nd, 2009

It’s Mamang’s birthday! And again we went to the beach. Love of the beach runs in the family ayt? We celebrated her birthday at Riverside Beach Resort, a local beach here in Oton, our hometown. The whole family was present including Tim and Dianne of course. And the photos!


Happy Birthday Mang!


Sing-along time! As always..hehe

Fifth Best Day – May 3rd, 2009

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton! Need I say more? We watched the fight at SM City Cinema 5. I was with Papang, Mamang and Tim. It’s Tim’s birthday gift for Mamang. But actually Papang enjoyed it more. Hehehe. Pacquiao didn’t disappoint us. Even if the fight lasted until only the second round, it was all worth it. The undercard fights were longer than the main fight! Pacquiao defeated Hatton and that’s all that counts! Ilonggos brought the cinema down! We had so much fun and my throat was actually sore when we went out of the cinema. LOL. I love Manny Pacquiao. :)


And those are the best five days of my life and no one can take it away from me because it’s all mine. Hehehe. The blow by blow accounts will follow in the next few days! right now I have to finish my load of tasks before the week begins so I could get paid. ;)


I’m not doing anything to optimize my blog yet and I think I should start doing so soon if I want to earn from Adsense too like every successful blogger out there. Right now I’m concentrating on my work, my daily tasks which are more important. Making money on blogging is just another experimental venture of mine because I’m inspired by my other online friends who have made a living by just blogging. They are actually the ones who told me – well actually persuaded me to try blogging for money too. And I agree because I’m already blogging aren’t I so I might as well make money out of blogging! Will start concentrating on this soon! :D

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