Hoy Angela!

You guys are probably wondering why the title of this post is “Hoy Angela.” If you really want to know – just ask Monica. LOL

I’m not really in the mood to write right now so I’m going to make this post something like a list without the numbers and bullet points. I just want to document our vacation without writing a full-pledged post. Before I forget all the things we did and the places we went to.

Last Saturday, April 4th me and my friends went to Guimaras. We had to ride a pumpboat to get to Buenavista. Then we headed to Kix’s beautiful house. It’s very relaxing there.

I was with Rino John(my little brother), Monica, Amy, Irene and Tim. Tawtaw and Kix met us up at the Buenavista wharf. Then we went to Kix’s awesome house. The ambiance there is like a rest house or a cottage at the beach. How I wish I could go back there. I might ask Kix if I could. ;)

We ate a delicious lunch prepared by Kix’s Tita. We were surprised because we didn’t expect them to prepare our lunch. We brought lechon manok but what we had was more delicious than lechon manok. Thanks to Kix, Taw, her Tita and her cousins.

After lunch we went to El Retiro Beach. Then to Roca Encantada. It is a big mansion built on top of a rock owned by the Lopezes. We got to go up the mansion and look at the view and it’s structure. Had our photos taken there. Maybe we could all have a house like that someday. Who knows. :)

Then after Roca Encantada we walked on the beach’s shore. We planned to bath and swim there but we couldn’t because there was heavy rains earlier that morning so the water was murky and there were big waves. So Kix and Taw suggested that we go to La Cheska instead and dive in the pool there. Which we did. And we had a great time. There’s nothing like a dip in the pool after a walk at the beach with your very close friends.

When we had our fill of the pool, we went back to Kix’s house again to prepare our dinner. Roland, Amy’s boyfriend arrived later that afternoon. After dinner, we had fun by having a long conversation and catching up on all our lives and gossip girl activities. LOL.  Kix, Taw and I have all resigned from Callbox last year. Irene is going to transfer to Callbox Davao. Monica is resigning this coming May and Amy is just planning to resign but no definite date yet. We talked about so many things, our experiences at Callbox and the people we worked with. Well good thing I’m over that. We went to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. We did some other stuffs but I won’t write them here. It’s our secret. Right guys? ;)

The next day, April 5th, after we ate breakfast we all decided to go to Jordan – to Alubihod Beach. Actually Monica insisted that we go to Alubihod. So we went there and we rented a cottage at Rico’s Beach Resort. Monica finally got what she wanted! LOL. We had fun bathing at the clean beach with the white sand, the caves and the big rocks. There were a lot of people there but not that much. I bet this Holy Week there are more.

We went home later in the afternoon. This time we rode the pumpboat from Jordan wharf to Iloilo City. We were all dead-tired and sleepy but it was worth it because we all had fun and enjoyed our weekend. Words can’t describe the feelings and the experiences we had. It was really great seeing you all guys! Thanks to Kix because she allowed us to stay in their beautiful house and for being our tour guide. Thanks also to all her cousins and relatives who were very accommodating. I just hope and pray that they’ll allow us to go there again. I’m loving the memories. It’s great to catch up with all of you guys! :)

I have uploaded our photos on my different accounts but I have the complete set in my Picasa album. If you wanna see them feel free to do so. The link to the album is below. See my sexy friends! LOL.

And lastly, if you’re curious to know the meaning behind the title of this post, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll tell. LMAO. :)

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