My Goals

Want to document my plans and goals for this year here in my blog. Will look at this by the end of the year to see if I did accomplish everything – which I plan to.

1. Be healthy and go back to being slim. I’m looking for Yoga classes here in Iloilo and and then I’m going to enroll. Start exercising everyday. Be healthy. I am getting heavier and it’s quiet alarming. I now officially have an undeniably awful-looking paunch (which Tim points out to me everyday). I want to get rid of it as soon as possible because I can’t fit into my old clothes anymore (and which is a waste because I have so many old clothes!) I want to fit into my old clothes! And every time we have our photo ops I find it really hard to hide the paunch. LOL. So I have finally started dieting. No more chocolates, cakes, ice creams, curls  and junk food for me now. Well maybe just once a week. LOL. I won’t binge anymore. I will only eat when I’m hungry. I will only eat “on time.” I don’t wanna be chubby anymore. Hehehe.

2. Learn to speak, read and write in Spanish. I’m learning how to write and speak in Spanish along with Tim. I am starting to get serious in this stuff. I’m trying to learn a phrase or two everyday. Tim’s bought a book. I’m studying online. We want to speak acceptable Spanish by the end of the year. We love and adore the Spanish language. Not only is it a romantic language, it’s also widely spoken around the world. And it’s a part of our heritage.  My goodness our family names are in fact Spanish if you’ve noticed. My Lola Mamang knows how to speak Spanish. I love listening to people speak that language. Me and Tim want to be linguists. It’s our dream.  :)

3. Enroll at CAP College. I am going back to school this year! Yes you read it right. My second ultimate dream, one of the things I want to achieve/fulfill before I die – will finally be put in motion this year. Hopefully there won’t be any hitches. I’m not listening to any discouragements from anyone. I plan to continue my studies while working at the same time. But wait, before anyone gets the wrong idea, just wanna clear up that I do love and enjoy my job! I mean who wouldn’t? Nothing beats working at home. :)   And honestly I earn more than you, if not you then the person next to you (this applies only to people living in the Philippines. LOL) And there are many out there who have degrees but still don’t have jobs, or if they do have jobs they’re not happy with it or usually it’s not related to the degree they’ve finished.  It’s just that I really want to finish college and get that hard-to-get diploma. It’s like an obsession to me. Just so everyone knows, I plan to enroll at CAP College the pioneer in Distance Education here in the Philippines. CAP College was patterned after the “open university” concept of education which is already well-established and widely accepted in more advanced countries of Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States and Asia. If anyone wants to learn more about CAP College just click here. Mamang suggested this college to me. And I know going to school at CAP College won’t interfere with my work. In fact it will actually help me with my work. I feel that it would be much much better for me if I enroll at CAP College instead of enrolling at the universities and colleges here in Iloilo. Aside from just learning my degree here at home and online, with a little person to person interaction which will only be during final examinations, I know that I will learn a lot more than those students who physically go to school and sit at classrooms and listen to other people talk.  I don’t have anything against teachers (my mother is a teacher) but for me I learn a lot better if I study by myself, not by listening to other people talk or by doing assignments and reports. I had more than one professor who just assigned reports to us for the whole semester and then just sat in the back of the classroom and listened to me and my classmates’ reports (so what happened was me and my classmates were teaching each other and all the professors did was just kinda supervise us giving a little input here and there). In fact, I think distance learning is a lot better. We get to really learn and study whether we like it or not — at our own pace. Then we will really deserve the grades we get, not because of some professor or teacher’s judgement or whim. This is MY opinion so if anyone disagrees – I don’t really care. In my point of view, everyone should earn their degrees through distance learning instead. Wanna know why I said that? Feel free to ask me. My reasons will be more understandable if you talk to me, not by just reading it here.  :)

4. Be an active member of the CFC Singles for Christ. Right now every Sunday you will find me not only with Tim but also together with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am building a blog for them now using WordPress too. I also want to help our less privileged brothers and sisters not only here in Iloilo but also in other places. I also want to help spread God’s words and God’s love not only to young people like me but also to everyone who will listen. Being with the SFC will help me fulfill my dream of helping others. See I’m not really a selfish person. :)

That being said, I have an awful lot of things to do this year. This stuffs will keep me very busy. But it’s better to be busy than not right? I have a life, unlike other people. LOL. I am currently researching more about the things I need to enroll at CAP College then I’m planning to accomplish and gather all the requirements needed so I could finally enroll and start studying. All these I will do while I’m also working. I will send myself to school. I will be paying for my tuition fee. So I better study well and hard. Then next year I will start fulfilling my dream of having my own virtual assistance company. Nothing is impossible right? I thank the Lord for all the blessings I have received. And for all the blessings to come. Hope He will help me in my journey of fulfilling my dreams.

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