i had my ear pierced!

Hey guys! I FINALLY HAD MY EAR PIERCED FOR REAL!!! I had my left earlobe, on the upper right part pierced. I bought this really cool cross stud with a faux diamond stud at Unisilver earlier this morning, around 9AM then I had my ear pierced for free. The lady who did it used a gun (not the real gun but the gun used in ear-piercing of course). I had to make my own waiver and to sign their waiver as well just to persuade them to agree to do the piercing. Because they’ve had bad experiences with dumb clients who complained when their ears got irritated because of the ear-piercing.

I have one wee problem though. Tim is in Bacolod and he still doesn’t know about what I did. He knows that I really want this done ever since before we met and he has always told me that he doesn’t want to see me sporting a stud. But because he’s not here well nobody stopped me so the DEED was done. And I’m feeling so cool and elated.

I thought my ear was going to hurt so bad that I won’t be able to sleep but right now I’m feeling so drowsy that I’m going to end this post already. I only hope that my bebeh won’t be so angry with me when he sees my new earring. Hope he’ll understand.

I’ll have a photo here of my new fashion statement within this week guys! So proud of myself! :)

*post written October 8, 2008


October 14, 2008. My bebeh and my parents had seen the stud. My parents – no comment. My bebeh – very angry (of course as expected) when he saw the stud then ignored me for a day. I felt a little guilty but then the deed was done so there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Anyway, he’s ignoring the ear too. Fine with me. as long as he doesn’t pull the stud off. Hehe. ;)

November 14, 2008. After a month, my ear’s still a little sore but I think it has healed. I can sleep without feeling it hurting now. And I don’t care much of hiding it anymore. I love my stud. ;)

*photos coming soon!

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