The Sleepy Telemarketer

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. But sometimes it just gets so redundant that I can’t help but think of resigning and just get away from it all. My friends and loved ones say that it happens to everyone everywhere. The burn out. But still, life still has to go on. What would I do anyway if I stop working right? And its better to have a job than have no job at all! I don’t want to be like other people who just stays at home and have their parents take care of them and give them all of their needs. Thats just not my thing. I want to work. I want this job. I love my job! Its really great (and it pays) to be optimistic! ;)

This is how I entertain myself while I’m at work-i paint my nails…haha! :)

And would you look at that? Its pink! ;)

And my ring? Its black! What a mood I’m in. (sigh)

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