I welcome August..

Its been a week since my last post here. I’ve been kinda busy. Too many things has happened already. I’ll just summarize them all here by date. I can’t describe everything that’s happened in detail because I still don’t have the ’time’ right now and I have to get some sleep before I start my shift tonight.

August 1 – Friday

Tim and I watched “The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” It was a fairly good movie although Tim said it wasn’t as good as its predecessors. I agree with him. (I now have a little crush on Jet Li though.) ;)

August 2 – Saturday

Yey! The weekend! We had a very busy day- shopping and mall-hopping. :) I went with Tim to do grocery shopping at SM Delgado. Then we went to Marymart Mall to reserve a chocolate cake for my little brother – Rino John’s birthday. After that we went to Robinson’s Place. Tim bought himself a cool Portside shirt with these really witty line written on it. He then decided to buy me Havaianas slippers. At first I didn’t believe that he’d really buy me a pair. You know how much those Havaianas cost. But he did! There wasn’t any sold at Robinson’s so we went to Atrium Mall. I didn’t like the ones displayed there so off we went to SM City. (Whew! Around that time my feet were kinda aching but I didn’t mind. ) SM City was really crowded. We went inside these boutique called Flip Flops, they only sell Havaianas exclusively. Tim made me choose the pair I like. They didn’t have the beige ones that I wanted so I settled for the brown ones instead. After that we decided to go home. I’ll brag about what my bebeh did for me to everybody! How they’ll wish that they have a guy like mine. ;)

August 3 – Sunday

Rino John’s 10th Birthday! I spent the morning cleaning our house. Tim had lunch with us. He bought ice cream for Rino John. We cooked ‘tinolang manok’ for the dinner party. We went to church around 6pm. Then the party! Langging really enjoyed his birthday celebration, although his visitors were all ‘tigulang’ a.k.a. old people. Hahaha! The only kid present was Wewel, Tito Manny’s son. Dianne was there too. Dianne by the way is my brother – Severino’s (Toto RD) girlfriend. Nang Ting was there as well. She’s Toto’s sister at Singles for Christ.

Well..that was my very busy but exciting weekend. And I’ll be adding photos of my Havaianas and Rino John’s birthday when I have the time. I’ll be back soon guys. In the meantime. I’m back to bed. Zzzzzzz..

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