Earthquake in Iloilo!

Last Friday we felt an earthquake at around 2:14 AM Phil. time. It lasted for about 20 seconds. As usual, we were all calling and then suddenly our cubes were trembling and vibrating like crazy. It wasn’t an ordinary earthquake as far as we’re concerned because if it was, we wouldn’t have been looking at each other that long and poised to run downstairs. We would have done so if the lights went out or something.  We were actually afraid that our building will collapse on us.

After 20 long seconds the world stood still again. And we all started talking at the same time. One of my seatmates phoned home to check on her sisters who were all alone (I stifled myself on doing the same thing). And we started speculating about Nostradamus’s predictions and God’s wrath, that kinda stuff. I don’t know if I remember it right but there was also an earthquake in Manila about 3 weeks ago. It didn’t cause any damage though and I hoped that while I was there inside our building that nothing bad happened outside also. Its going to be a hard blow for Iloilo because we’re just rising up from typhoon Frank’s wrath. I hoped nobody got hurt. And I hoped that the earthquake won’t have a sequel. We have plenty of problems already and Frank was enough. Thank God everything and everyone was fine.

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