I still have the Mamma Mia bug!

Yep, I bought myself an ABBA cd and this really cool and cute ear cuff kind of earring like the one that Meryl Streep was wearing on that movie. After my shift yesterday, I met up with my bebeh for breakfast then we went to SM Delgado’s department store and browsed through the CDs on sale. I found this ABBA album which features a compilation of their greatest hits. My bebeh was actually supposed to upload ABBA’s hits on my iPod but too bad his computer chose this time to break down. So because Mary Jane just can’t wait to hear those phenomenal chart-toppers I promptly bought myself a CD. I went home and listened to it before going to bed (which pumped me up instead of mellowing me down..haha) I sang and danced a little to their music (yeah, a “little”). :)

I also bought this cool ear-cuff from Unisilver which is a curved band of metal that is pressed onto the helix of the ear. I have to pinch it hard to make sure that it stays in place (It was kind of painful at first but I got used to it eventually). I actually wanted my ear pierced at the helix and wear a stud or clip-on earrings but Tim won’t let me. He says I will look like a punk and people are going to think that I’m a drug addict or something. It has so many negative connotations.

Oh well, I just have to content myself with a “non-pierce” earring. Anyway its not that bad-looking right? What do you think? ;)

By the way, the butterfly earring I’m wearing was bought by my bebeh about a couple of months ago. Goes well with the ear-cuff. :)

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