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DTR Mottos

As always, the drone of my job is constantly boring me. So I try finding ways to amuse myself.  Usually what I do is I just browse the internet for useless topics like celebrity gossip, read horror stories, jokes and other people’s blogs.   But today, I found a very …

ABBA and the Movie Mamma Mia!

ABBA is a Swedish pop group composed of four members; two guys and two gals. They are Benny Andersson, Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Bjorn Ulvaeus. What I know about their group I learned from Papang. Benny Andersson actually co-produced the film version of the musical Mamma Mia! Thank God he did!

House Arrest

Fortunately, I made it home last Saturday after my shift. We experienced heavy rains at Oton and thank God we were not …

Our Favorite Haunts

my bebeh and i love to go to different places in and out of the city (but, i can’t beat him because …