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Gratitude and Appreciation from Tim and Jane

Hello everyone! MJ is back – but with a different last name! Since July 4th I’ve been legally known as Mary Jane Cabrera-Nombre. How’s that sound?! Tim and I finally got married last July 4th and I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming to our wedding. Our wedding wouldn’t have been complete without the support and love of our family and friends. And words cannot express the joy that we feel remembering that all the important people in our lives shared the beginning of our new life together.

Independence Day!

I received a lot of blessings today! So to celebrate I tweaked a website that’s close to my heart these days. So also I just want to share with you all the wedding website I created for our wedding. Its not finished yet but I’m working on it. I have a blog there too so you might want to check it out.

After 9 Years – We're Engaged!

Sharing these great news to the world! After 9 years of being friends and boyfriend girlfriend – Tim and I finally got engaged last Saturday, May 19th. It was a wonderful night, had an intimate dinner with family and friends. My relatives got to meet Tim’s parents and relatives. I can’t believe we’re finally getting married! :D

The Virtues of Assertiveness and Tact

The two virtues of assertiveness and tact complement one another and, when practiced, can make your personal life much easier. Assertiveness means saying what you think and how you feel, and tact means saying these things in a gentle, nonoffensive way. People usually get into more trouble in relationships by not being direct or by being tactless and hurting other people’s feelings.

Happy Birthday MJ!

Today is my birthday. Yey! Another year added to my joyful, meaningful life! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me. So like everyone else on our “special days”, I am getting a lot of love on Facebook: not only from family members, relatives, old friends, new friends, professional contacts but also from other random friends. LOL! So I won’t deny it, it’s actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it!

Developing the Habit of Being Quiet

Noise. I just don’t like noise. Quiet – this is why I am always thankful that I work at home. Actually it’s one of the major reasons why I love working at home. I calm myself by simply being quiet. Being quiet can be difficult in our stimulation-filled world. Just think of all the noise that surrounds many of us every moment. I used to wake up every work day to the noise of an alarm clock. This was when I worked at that call center.

Track Your Spending

This is something that I have been doing since last year (2011) and I can say that it has helped me a lot in terms of saving up and knowing where my hard-earned money goes. The first time I began to track my spending it showed me what I thought was important. And it was such a huge eye-opener.


Truthfulness means being honest about your feelings and being real about who you really are. Being honest about your feelings does not mean running around telling everyone your darkest thoughts or telling people a lot of negative things about them -what’s the point of all that anyway? – It simply means being who you are.

Protected: Big Plans

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Inner Simplicity

I think the number one reason why most people even think about simplifying their lives is to attain some level of inner peace and contentment. They have tried all of the outward trappings – new cars, new houses, wardrobes, careers, relationships – and found that while those things can bring some joy and satisfaction, the positive feelings are only fleeting and they can also bring added stress and gets exhausting. Always looking outside of ourselves for happiness is indeed exhausting. The search is just endless.

Rethink Success

If you want to lead a truly fulfilling life, then you may need to start by rethinking what constitutes success. Traditionally in our culture, success has always meant driving a brand new or a late-model luxury car, carrying around numerous credit cards, wearing designer or branded clothing and jewelries, and living in a big fancy house.