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Living Life To The Fullest!

I haven’t written anything lately. It’s not because I’m too busy but because I didn’t have internet connection for a week. Can you believe it? A WEEK?!! Imagine the damage it did to my daily tasks. I hated SmartBro so bad last week that I kept calling their dumb CSRs.

Blog more about Oton

These days I’ve noticed that I get more searches about Oton, Iloilo. And I don’t if I’m right but I think I’m the only Ogtonganon blogger. Correct me if I’m wrong though. But I searched the web, nobody is a blogger from Oton but me. So from now on I am planning to dedicate more time on blogging about my hometown. Maybe create a blog solely about Oton too if I have enough time. I know for a fact that there are many Ogtonganons from all around the world. They’ll be happy to be be updated of what’s happening here.