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Our Prenup Video by Polarized Media Studio

It’s been 22 days since Tim and I got married and well so many things has happened since. Like we moved to our new home the day we got married. And we already hosted a number of guests. And I re-learned how to cook! And we haven’t been eating meat! More on that on my next blog posts. We have so many people to thank for, friends and loved ones who helped us out to ensure that we have the greatest wedding ever. One of them is our friend Mia of Polarized Media Studio.

“America in 3D” Travels to Iloilo City

America in 3D, a road show by the U.S. Embassy in Manila highlighting “Diplomacy, Development and Defense,” is currently taking place at SM City Iloilo until tomorrow March 4. All of the activities and presentations during this three day event are open to the public and free of charge.

Realizations from the Visayan Conference on Mining and the Ecology

Last Saturday, February 25th, we attended the Visayan Conference on Mining and the Ecology. We learned so many things about the current issues our country is facing when it comes to taking care of our environment and more importantly the major issue of mining and its negative effects.

AMERICA in 3D Contest: ILOve ILOILO Photo Challenge

AMERICA in 3D is coming to ILOILO on March 2-4, 2012! If you check my previous blog post, you will read more details about this event. Aside from the various activities they have prepared for us Ilonggos, they have also prepared contests where everyone can join. One of them is America in 3D Kabataan Challenge and the one I am blogging about is the ILOve ILOILO Photo Challenge.

America in 3D Visits Iloilo

Last Friday, February 17th, 2012, the Iloilo Bloggers had the chance to meet Mr. Jay De Jesus who is the Emerging Media Specialist aka “Social Media DJ” of the U.S. Embassy, Manila Philippines. Kuya Jay briefed us all personally of the upcoming events slated for America in 3D.

America in 3D is a Road Show in Diplomacy, Development, and Defense. Last year, the U.S. Embassy (Manila Philippines) has staged three America in 3D events at Manila (March 2011), Baguio (July 2011) and Cebu (September 2011).

Iloilo Dinagyang Photo Contest 2012 Entry Form & Contest Mechanics

I am sure you guys enjoyed Dinagyang Festival 2012 as much as we did! And were you able to take photos? Are they exceptional and unique? If you think they are then you should join this year’s Iloilo Dinagyang Photo Contest 2012! Below are the contest mechanics and the entry form. Good luck!

Tribu Pan-ay Dinagyang 2012

And the results are out! Tribu Pan-ay is this year’s Dinagyang 2012 Ati Tribe Competition Champion! And to thos who were not able to watch their winning performance yet you are in the right blog!

Dinagyang and Kasadyahan 2012 Results

We had a lof of fun covering the Kasadyahan Regional Competition and Dinagyang 2012 Ati Tribe Competition this weekend! I will be posting more photos tomorrow so please check back! I will also be sharng the videos Tim took as well! All Dinagyang Ati Tribes and Kasadyahan groups!

David Dimuzio's Music Video Shot in Iloilo

If you have been watching MYX then you probably must have seen David Dimuzio’s new music video entitled (I’ll Do Anything) Para Sa’yo. If you are from Iloilo or have been to Iloilo then you must have known that the locations of the music video is in fact in – you guessed it – Iloilo!