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No Vacations

First of all let me say this, I don’t mean to brag in this blog post. Just wanted to share the fact that our family don’t really go on “vacations.” The usual 3 days/2 nights are not good enough for us. We don’t need to “breathe” because we love our …


4th of July 2016

Now that everyone is done vacationing, it’s our turn! Today is a very important day for Tim and I. It’s our 4th …

Hakab Na! 2015 in Iloilo

This proud breastfeeding mama just got to bond with other Ilongga breastfeeding moms today! Our exclusively breastfed 11 month old baby girl …

Simplify Life

Before anything else, let’s read these wise words from smart people below: “I was part of that strange race of people aptly …

Living the Life!

It’s been a great weekend and I had the chance to take some mobile photos this morning when I woke up and …


Tulips of Holland

Out of all those beautiful countries, I fell in love with Holland. I fell in love with the tulips, the windmills, the milkmaids, the cute cottages, the lakes, the vast greenery, the simple lifestyle – everything about Holland is just amazing. The burst of colors is a feast to my eyes!

After 9 Years – We're Engaged!

Sharing these great news to the world! After 9 years of being friends and boyfriend girlfriend – Tim and I finally got engaged last Saturday, May 19th. It was a wonderful night, had an intimate dinner with family and friends. My relatives got to meet Tim’s parents and relatives. I can’t believe we’re finally getting married! :D

Happy Birthday MJ!

Today is my birthday. Yey! Another year added to my joyful, meaningful life! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me. So like everyone else on our “special days”, I am getting a lot of love on Facebook: not only from family members, relatives, old friends, new friends, professional contacts but also from other random friends. LOL! So I won’t deny it, it’s actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it!

The Philippine Brotherhood of Magicians' Street Magic Workshop in Iloilo

Last summer my brother’s EJ and RJ joined Amigo Summer Art Workshop by Brushwand Workshops and Amigo Plaza Mall. And this October they will be learning about street magic! The Philippine Brotherhood of Magicians will be supervising a Street Magic Workshop: Workshop for Young Magicians for Five (5) Saturdays of October at Amigo Plaza Mall. So if you are 18 years or younger you are eligible to join this “magical” workshop.