No Vacations

First of all let me say this, I don’t mean to brag in this blog post. Just wanted to share the fact that our family don’t really go on “vacations.” The usual 3 days/2 nights are not good enough for us. We don’t need to “breathe” because we love our work and our work loves us back. (Well the boss loves us back. Thank you boss you know who you are). :D

Renai’s first trip to Bacolod with Papa and Mama when she was 2 months old.

What we’re doing is we’re traveling, experiencing, learning. And schooling our little Renaissance. We get inspiration from our idols, the King family of “A King’s Life” they’re an awesome family and we love them!

Chilling at Alobijod, Guimaras.

We started traveling with Renaissance when she was still in Mama’s tummy. :D And when she was just 2 months old we took her with us to Bacolod, Negros Occidental. And we were hooked since then!

Breastfeeding at Puka Beach, Boracay Island. We went there to celebrate Renai’s first birthday.

As of July 2016, Renaissance has been to 7 provinces. She’s been to these provinces. (The Papa made this list by the way :D )

Papa and Renai at Sampaguita Gardens, New Washington, Aklan.

  1. Negros Occidental (Kabankalan, Bacolod, Sagay, Escalante)
  2. Negros Oriental (Dumaguete)
  3. Iloilo (Iloilo City, Miag-ao, San Joaquin, Guimbal, Tigbauan)
  4. Guimaras
  5. Antique (San Jose)
  6. Aklan (Kalibo, , New Washington, Boracay Island)
  7. Palawan (Puerto Princesa, Sabang)

Food tripping at Gabby’s Bistro in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

The papa and mama have been avid travelers even before the babylagawan arrived so I guess the little one inherited it. I think it’s in her genes. LOL!

Strolling at Silliman University.

And we haven’t had any issues with Renai traveling with us. We’ve never had serious puking or pooping accidents ever. Our little one just loves traveling. She even loved her first airplane ride!

Renai at 1 year and 10 months got to experience the Underground River in Sabang – one of the 7 Wonders of the World!

So every place we go to especially the new ones, we make sure that we stay for more than a week. We meet the locals. We make new friends. We eat their food. We go to the tourist destinations as well as the places that are not that popular with the tourists yet. There’s just so much to do as long as you talk to the locals.

Meeting the Palaw’an Tribe in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

So yes, we don’t go on vacations. We explore and we’re living life to the fullest with our little one. Because we want her to experience the beauty of our country and get her cultured even at a very young age. Traveling makes her happy so we are happy too. We don’t call her #babylagawan for nothing. She always asks for “lagaw-lagaw” and we’re happy to oblige. Because the Papa and Mama are lagawan too. So here’s to more travels for our family. And for more blog posts as well.

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