Keeping your Productivity Streak During The Holiday Season

It’s the end of the year again and it’s that time when we have to take care of a lot of details like accounting, auditing, updating the budget and other financial statements, setting goals for the new year, giving back and of course – saying “Happy Holidays” to our clients.

And don’t forget the personal details as well like:

  • How does your business and being an entrepreneur fit into your life and personal goals?
  • What training or personal development would you benefit from in the upcoming year?
  • Is your estate plan up to date? Savings? Investments?
  • How do you keep yourself on task and maintain productivity with a hectic work schedule?

But before drowning in all those details, let’s ‘wake-up’ and look at the whole picture first. Below are a few tips you can use to maintain that productivity streak:

No To that Dopamine
People today are highly addicted to using social media and email, and you should say no to that dopamine. You will really be amazed to find the wonders without all your various social media accounts. It is high time that you face this truth. If you can’t help it, just try to maintain 1 or 2 accounts and nothing more.

Accountability is one major factor that can bring about influential changes in your life and your work habits. Motivation alone cannot help in enhancing productivity, but the measures of accountability can also prove to be helpful in this context. Find that person who can be your accountability partner. This can also be applied in keeping yourself healthy.

Allot Timings For Various Tasks
Working on lots of tasks at the same time is not really good. You also need to allot the time for each task . When you take a look at the long list of tasks, it is quite easy for you to feel discouraged. Knowing where to start can also be difficult for you to determine, but segmenting the works can be an encouraging factor.

Task Managers
A task manager can certainly help you manage your task and make you aware of your priorities. I myself use an online application that I’ve also synced to my Android gadgets so I can access it anytime, anywhere.  This way it’s not difficult for you to keep a track of all the tasks and projects that you have to do. Also try using a project management software. Works wonders.

Emphasizing Top Priorities
A meeting with the team can certainly help emphasize on the priorities, and consequently a sense of accountability is also created among the team members.

Focus On One Task at a Time
I’m saying this again because this is very important – instead of trying to multitask, you should focus on one task at a time. Try to cross out some things from your to do list one at a time. Live The Current Task. You should not think about the next task, but try to stay focused on the current task.

Set priorities first and you’ll surely know where to start. Once you know your priorities, you can set the basic rules. Here’s to wishing you all a Happy Holiday and don’t drown in those year-end reports!

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