Report Human Trafficking: Call 1343 Actionline

We are lucky. We are very lucky. This realization dawned on us after two days of listening and digesting different lectures concerning human trafficking. We pity the victims of this cruelty. These young women do not deserve to be maltreated.  They do not deserve to be put in these compromising situations.

Yeah, blame it to the fact that we are living on a third world country, where poverty is rampant, where livelihood is scarce. Poor parents work day and night just to provide food on the table, clothe and send their children to school.

But sometimes luck is just too impossible to obtain. Given these scenarios, children are forced to work early to help their parents and to uplift their economic condition. However, choices are limited. Oftentimes children are enticed to choose the wrong road and the easy way out in order to help their respective families instantly.

Meet Elvira, 38 years old  from  Tanjay City Negros Occidental. She was a victim of forced labor in Singapore. She was recruited and promised a better life. She went to Manila and was told to attend a two week training. But to her dismay, no training center awaited her when she arrived in Cubao.  She and along with seven other women were padlocked in that mysterious house. The recruiter constantly promised her that she is going to Singapore and her papers are being processed. She was padlocked and was not allowed to see the outside world. No telephone calls either. She was restricted. When she arrived at Singapore, there was no employer waiting for her. She jumped from one house to another. For one month, she worked like there is no tomorrow; worst she was not paid of her services. Unfortunately, while working at Singapore, she got sick.  Her husband sent hard earned money to her in Singapore so that she can go home. Her prayers were granted. She was able to go home safely. When she arrived at Cebu, Visayan Forum Foundation, Inc. (VF) helped her to get through this traumatic experience in her life.

Elvira is just one of the many women who are victims of Human Trafficking. We can stop this from happening if all of us are informed. The power of information will be our weapon as we combat this evil. The road to end this vicious cycle of violence is still a long way. Much effort needs to be done to be able to finally say, that the Philippines is human trafficking free. Indeed, we are lucky that we are informed. We are lucky because we are empowered. Let us all together stop Human Trafficking!

*For human trafficking cases kindly contact:
1343 Actionline

*For local hotlines you may contact:
Police Hotline – 166
Trafficking Desk – 336-9896
Atipan, Inc. – 0920-9013483

Prepared by:
Rhoda Garzon-Campillan
PSupt Ma. Cecilia R. Detablan
Mary Jane Cabrera-Nombre
PSINSP Cecilia M. Hulleza
Salvador  C. Acupan
Sunshine B. Jamero

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