How to Deal With Negative People

I have been meaning to write about this topic since time immemorial. Because focusing on optimism is really challenging when you have “some negativity” surrounding you. So here goes.

Negativity in individuals is a behavioral trait that develops over time. However, this trait is harmful not just to the individual himself but to those that surround him as well. Negativity in humans is a difficult subject and it must be dealt with tact and patience. While you may be a positive and strong individual, the negativity of another person may drain you of your positive attitude making you feel depressed and exhausted. However, there are ways that can help you deal with negative people. How you ask? Well continue reading below.

Identify the negative people

It is crucial to identify the negative people around you. While it is easy to say this, identifying the negative is not very easy in the first place. You have to look out for signs like being tense in their company, the urge to get away, the feeling of being constricted or having your energy fizzle out. You have to look at whether such people are always complaining about the way things are. Are they doing anything to improve their situation or are they just complaining. The answers to these questions will help you identify the negative people around you.

Stay optimistic

You must never forget your optimism. The negative vibes intend to overpower your positive thinking but you have to be vigilant and try to remain detached so that your optimism is not harmed.

Think Positive

Negative people often try to motivate you to think the way they do. They will try to tell you all sorts of tragic and sob stories to seek a reaction from you. However, you must remain static and always think positively so that you are not caught in the negativity of that person.


Motivating the negative person to tell you something positive is a good way to deal with negative people. Such individuals are always complaining of something or the other. The idea is to make them speak about something positive. This step could have two benefits. One of this is that the person would start thinking on positive lines and secondly, he or she might stop telling you their sob stories.

You have to learn to deal with negative people to stay happy and contented. Because simply avoiding them won’t work. I hope the steps I shared can help you maintain your optimism. Maintain that smile!

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