Alaxan FR’s Galing Mo Basketball Camp at Tabuc Suba Court of Inspiration

PBA superstars Ronnie Magsanoc, Jojo Lastimosa and Jerry Codiñera once again returned to Brgy. Tabuc Suba Jaro, Iloilo City today at the basketball court dubbed as the Alaxan FR “Court of Inspiration” which was built by local volunteers last year. The former PBA players have been going around the country to conduct basketball training camps known as the “Galing Mo Camp“. The program is part of Alaxan FR’s nationwide advocacy to promote a culture of hard work and dedication, where pain is seen as a badge of honor.

The Top 15 players at Alaxan FR’s Galing Mo Basketball Camp

The Top 15 players at Alaxan FR’s Galing Mo Basketball Camp

At the Galing Mo Camp, young, local basketball players show off their skills for a chance to receive special training in Manila under the PBA Legends themselves. The basketball camp aims to reward the young kids who used the Courts of Inspiration to train hard and perfect their basketball skills. Five of the best local prospects would be chosen, and will be sent to train in the program’s national leg, along with others from Bacolod, Butuan, Dumaguete, Sarangani, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Tacloban and Zamboanga.

So out of the 82 aspirants who came from different communities all over Panay, only 5 were chosen. The top 5 will be brought to Manila to represent Iloilo in the second week of April. The overall winner of the Galing Mo Camp will receive Php20,000 for himself and Php100,000 for his community as well.

We had the chance to interview the 3 PBA superstars after the game, check out what they have to say below.

The Top 15 players at Alaxan FR’s Galing Mo Basketball Camp

The Top 15 players at Alaxan FR’s Galing Mo Basketball Camp

Why did you call it the “Court of Inspiration”?

Shiela Roño (Alaxan FR Product Manager):
We call it the court of inspiration because the court is meant to inspire everyone and to show everyone that there is success through hard work, and the people from Iloilo have proven that from the time they have built the court together in three weeks. So now we’re giving the kids the opportunity to play and train with the PBA legends and show to everyone that hard work, success, and perseverance is important.

What characteristics are you looking for in the local basketball players of Iloilo?

Jojo Lastimosa:
Aside from the skills, character is very important. It’s one part that’s not being discussed these days at the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA). They are recruiting a lot of players for their skills, because they are really good. But on the other hand they are also releasing lots of players because they are lacking something in their character. So it just means that although having the skills is important, it is also important for us to find players who are hardworking, know how to listen, coachable, have the right attitude, and a good follower.

What qualifications did you consider in selecting the Top 5 basketball players of Iloilo?

Jojo Lastimosa:
If you have noticed, we did not choose players according to their positions. Each player that we chose, we based according to their skills, we chose them because they are really good. We chose a lot of guards, there are tall and short players, basically whoever is really good skills-wise, those are the ones we chose. All of these players are also hardworking. They sacrificed a lot, played under the heat of the sun, and they really showed us their dedication and hardwork.

You have finally chosen the Top 5, what will happen to them now?

Jerry Codiñera:
They will be brought to Manila for another processing with the rest of tryouts coming from different provinces where we also unveiled Alaxan Courts of Inspiration. Every players that are chosen, will have another chance to make it to the Top 10

Ronnie Magsanoc:
Let me add something to what Jerry said. We will be choosing Top 5 players from each of the 10 provinces where we will be holding the Alaxan Galing Mo Camp. We are going back to all the Courts of Inspiration – the basketball courts that were built by local volunteers last year. This will lead to a culminating event in April, the Alaxan FR National Camp. 50 players will be playing against each other to gain seats in the Top 10 national roster. The top 10 will play in the Alaxan All Star Game. The top 10 will also recieve cash prizes for themselves and for their respective communities. All in all its a chance for them to represent and secure pride for their community.

Is there a chance for them to become PBA players?

Jojo Lastimosa:
Yes. All of them has a chance. Seriously. I am not laughing in front of you now, all of them has a chance to become PBA players.

For the top 5 players, how do you feel now because you were chosen?

Exciting and we’re happy!

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