Recovering My Lost Blog Posts With Wayback Machine’s Help

Just writing this quick post to express my extreme gratitude to Wayback Machine! I’ve shared last January that I had an issue with my previous hosting account and I lost my blog for 2 weeks! Thank you Universe for giving me Namecheap! And now I am thankful for Wayback Machine!


I’m still missing my July to December 2012 blog posts and Wayback Machine is my go-to website to recover those blog posts. I am still in the process of digging them all up so I can finally get them back up here on Mary Jane’s Niche!

Indeed patience and hard work really pays off!

Also a quick shout out to Dianne – my future sister-in-law – for my awesome header! Salamat guid Yan!

Check back soon dear readers and friends! Thank you so much for continuously reading my blog posts! Love and appreciate you all!

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