Tulips of Holland


Holland – one of my dream destinations. When I saw the photo above, memories of my childhood immediately came flooding back. Not that I’ve ever been to Holland, but because our Mamang used to bring us books when we were little and I used to read a lot about European countries. Out of all those beautiful countries, I fell in love with Holland. I fell in love with the tulips, the windmills, the milkmaids, the cute cottages, the lakes, the vast greenery, the simple lifestyle – everything about Holland is just amazing. The burst of colors is a feast to my eyes! When Mamang bought us encyclopedias that’s when I learned more about this country and I promised myself that when I get older I am going to go there. And I will see to it that I do just that before I die.

Beautiful Holland

So that’s the reason why I wrote this blog post, so that this will always remind me of my goal. Someday, I am going to Holland. With my Nonoy Tim of course. :)


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