An Interview with Miss World Philippines 2012 Candidate No. 15 Daphne Molenaar’s Friends

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The Miss World Philippines 2012 fever is on! I’m here now in my room at Sofitel  Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel, thanks to and TV 5. Just checked in and let me just say that this hotel indeed lives up to up to its high standards. Not only am I watching the beauty pageant live but I’m also staying in this prestigious hotel. The level of comfort they’re offering here are in more ways than one.

So as promised, today’s blog post is going to be about more details that I’ve learned about Daphne when I interviewed her friends.

But before that I’d like to thank Beauty Queen Joyce Burton-Titular of Adventures of a Beauty Queen for sharing my blog posts about Daphne to her readers. Thank you so much po I really appreciate it!

Back to the topic. I listed below the people I spoke with and contacted online so I could know more about Daphne. Read the things they have to say:

Little Daphne

Luella Molenaar: Daphne’s Half-Sister, Godmother, and a Celebrity Chef

I met Luella because she retweeted my first blog post about Daphne. So I decided to ask her if she’d also like to share something for my future blog feature as well. She was really gracious and granted my request. She shared with me that Daphne didn’t really talk much when she was a little girl. She remembers one of Daphne’s first lines. “ Ako man guapa!” Which translates to “I’m pretty too!” Now that “Daph Daph” – her pet name for Daphne -  is older she has become a confident young lady who can talk to anyone, anytime.

Luella shared this picture (above) of Daphne as a little girl. She said she was searching for a picture she can share with me but she can’t find a new picture where Daphne was being “normal.” Because she was a really goofy and funny girl. In this picture Luella said that Daphne already knew what she’d like to do with her life. Luella said that when she thinks about Daphne what comes to mind is a caring, giving, loving, funny, and beautiful person inside and out.

Daphne wearing the Netherland's colors.

Georgina Chuatico: Daphne’s Best Friend

Georgina is Daphne’s best friend who now lives in Canada. Here’s what she had to say about her best friend:

“First of all, I’d like to say that I am extremely proud of her. She has always believed in me, and I will always believe in her. And I know that she can do whatever she pursues in life, because she is the kind of person who never gives up.

And in my opinion, I think she will win the Miss World Philippines 2012 pageant. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is also a genuinely good person. I believe she deserves to win, because she is able to set a great example for other girls in the world. She’s smart, funny, athletic and beautiful inside and out. She refuses to be anyone other than herself, and she has inspired me to be true to myself as well. And that is what really makes her a remarkable person, she inspires, she loves, and she lifts people up.”

Trisha, Mikhaella, Nicole, and Paolo

Trisha Sales, Mikhaella Yulo, Nicole Villanueva, and Paolo Española: Daphne’s Friends

They had a lot to share about Daphne; who she is as a classmate and friend. According to them, not only does Daphne belong to the top 10 in their class, she’s also a good friend, has a great sense of humor, and she’s so fun to be with. They shared with me that Daphne is good in Math, Science, and English. And she’s also a feature writer for Crossroads, the high school publication of the University of St. La Salle – Bacolod.

Heiz Hofileña MacAiran: Daphne’s Manager at Blackout Models

Heiz Hofileña MacAiran: Daphne’s Manager at Blackout Models

Heiz said “Daphey” – that’s her pet name for Daphne – is a teen role model. Her peers look up to her because she’s really good at what she does. She is one of the clients’ faves. When there are new projects she is always sought after. He said its becuase Daphne has good communication skills and she’s smart. And one thing that he noticed about Daphne is that during photoshoots, she always brings a book with her and reads it while her make-up is being done. She is always reading. He doesn’t see that often in models.

Heiz shared with me a little backgrounder about the Blackout Models. It is Bacolod City’s only top-calibre modeling agency and it has been recognized and recently awarded by the office of the city mayor himself, Hon. Evelio Leonardia. The agency aims to promote Bacolod City as a primal destination in tourism. As the agency has expanded into 3 categories, namely, Blackout Juniors (small kids), Blackout Teens & Blackout Prime which they have recently launched. The Blackout Elites – that includes Daphne – are the frontliners among the Prime.

Heiz hopes that Daphne’s eloquent facility of expression will be her weapon during the pageant night.


Again – thank you all  for  accommodating my multiple requests! You are all so supportive and I know that Daphne will be so happy when she learns about all the love and support you’ve been giving her online and offline.

Before I forget, to all the Ilonggos, supporters, and friends of Candidate number 15 Daphne Molenaar:

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