Miss World Philippines Candidate No. 15 Daphne Tanya Molenaar


Candidate No. 15: Daphne Tanya Laraya Molenaar

The Universe loves me – scratch that – this time I’ve proven that the World loves me! Why? Because I got the good fortune of being the Miss World Philippines Regional Blogger Correspondent! And do you know what’s better than that? I get to interview the family of one of the prettiest contestants and get to know her more. I am so privileged to be able to support Miss World Philippines Candidate #15: Daphne Tanya L. Molenaar!

“Daph” as her family and friends call her, is only 17 and is believed to be the youngest candidate of this year’s Miss World Philippines pageant. She is Filipino Dutch, grew up in the Philippines, and hails from Bacolod City. She’s so tall at 5’8. In fact she’s a model for Blackout Models.

Daphne in her swimsuit.

Daphne is a constant Honor student of the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod. She is a Golden Pen Awardee of the Department of Education. She’s also a varsity swimmer, loves to write poems, a guitarist and she wishes to take Psychology as her pre-law.

Daphne has traveled to Netherlands, Germany, and Thailand. She loves sports and has a very active lifestyle. She is into biking, swimming (more on breast stroke), badminton, and handball. She also loves reading, writing poems and articles, journal keeping, blogging, sketching, drawing, doodling, playing the guitar, studying, modeling, hanging out with friends, and solving puzzles. Yesterday was actually the talent night and Daphne showed everyone that she can sing and play the guitar well. Too bad I was not able to watch her.

Daphne's other side: spending Christmas for several years by giving new stuffed toy's to more than 125 pediatric patients at the Provincial Hospital in Bacolod City together with parents, siblings and close family friends Dr. Rick and Ester Zander.

Here are some of Daphne’s awards and recognitions: 1st place in feature writing (Regional), runner-up in news writing (Regional), special awardee for exemplary performance in journalism (Regional). A champion in 25m breast stroke, 2nd place on-the-spot painting contest, and a champion in Tug-o-war.

Here’s what Daphne had to say when she was asked what her life ambition is; “My life ambition is to fulfill the dreams I’ve always had. I have wanted and still want to become a lawyer, a pageant queen, and to continue modeling because I know that could make me happy. So I will start as young as possible to go for what I love, to grab the opportunity just within my reach, and to inspire other young girls to never give up, and just go for their dreams.”

Daphne sang and played the guitar at the Miss World Philippines Talent Night.

This year, the theme for Miss World PHILIPPINES Beauty Pageant is based on the theme BEAUTY IN GIVING. Asked what she had to say about it, Daphne answered:  “God is beauty. He shared and gave us everything we have today. When we try to imitate Him in the most sincere and unconditional manner, we become beautiful ourselves. When we give what we have to those who have less, we become the ultimate personage of loving creatures, caring for each other and everyone else caring for everybody else.”

So now you know why I’m rooting for Candidate #15: Daphne Tanya L. Molenaar! Not only is she pretty but she also has the brains to go with that beautiful face and awesome body!  Watch out for more about Daphne in my upcoming blog posts. I’ll interview her parents, siblings, relatives, and friends too. So that all of us can get to know her better.

Daphne is also a varsity swimmer.

I’m so excited for the pageant night! TV 5 will be flying me in on June 23rd and I can’t wait for the Miss World PHILIPPINES Beauty Pageant night on June 24th. Our rooms will be provided by Agoda.com and I’m sure it’s going to be awesome! I just can’t wait to see Daphne in person!

People from Region 6 can show their love and support for Daphne as early as now by liking her Facebook page. And use this hashtag on Twitter #MsWorldPH and don’t forget to mention that you love Candidate 15 Daphne Molenaar. You can also check out Miss World Philippines official Facebook page and official website for the list of the other candidates, the schedule of activities, and lots of photos and videos.

Like Daphne's page: https://www.facebook.com/DaphneTanyaLMolenaar

So don’t forget to watch out for Candidate #15: Daphne Tanya L. Molenaar on Miss World PHILIPPINES Beauty Pageant night on June 24th, 2012 on TV 5. Suportahan ta guid ang aton kandidata mga Ilonggo! Check back soon for my upcoming blog posts about Daphne!

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