Exercise Tips: Don’t Waste Time

This is something I’ve learned while working out at the gym – don’t waste your time. Each workout should make a difference – not a big difference, but a difference nonetheless. The benefits of exercise are cumulative. Every workout does a little something to improve the muscle and bone. If you want your muscles to grow bigger, denser, and stronger, then you have to train them harder than what they’re used to. Hindi bala Nonoy Tim? :)

To spark the physiological process that changes the muscle, you have to overload the muscle. You must feel pain. If the muscle doesn’t reach fatigue each time you train, then the workout is not hard enough. Of course, “hard” is a relative word. For a beginner, like me and Tim, light weights and short training sessions can still equal a hard workout.

The overload principle is even more important when it comes to increasing bone mass. Bone mineral density will not increase unless there’s a great deal of stress placed on the bones. Bones adapt to stress by becoming denser and stronger.

So make each workout matter. Even if you just spend 20 minutes training – in my case it takes me almost 2 hours to go through my weight-loss program – make those minutes  as potent as possible. A good, hard workout, the kind where you train your muscles to failure or nearly to failure, will invigorate and empower you, and give you more energy and self-confidence.

Plus do some yoga asanas, even just 3-5 poses – the stretches will make you feel really good too after the vigorous training.

So that’s it for today. Have a happy workout! :)


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