Happy Birthday MJ!


With Nonoy Tim. ^_^

Today is my birthday. Yey! Another year added to my joyful, meaningful life! Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me. So like everyone else on our “special days”, I am getting a lot of love on Facebook: not only from family members, relatives, old friends, new friends, professional contacts but also from other random friends. LOL! So I won’t deny it, it’s actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it!

But here’s the thing. How do you properly acknowledge all of these greetings? Unless you have like 10 friends, answering each post is of course a losing proposition.

In memory of Papang. He coined this nickname for me.

So here’s the solution I found. I am going to write a blog post and dedicate it to all my friends and family. This blog post is for all of you guys! I seriously, wholeheartedly love you guys, and thank you so much for loving me back!

Thank you everyone for being a part of my birthday and my life! Blessings and positive vibes to us all!



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