David Dimuzio's Music Video Shot in Iloilo

If you have been watching MYX then you probably must have seen David Dimuzio’s new music video entitled (I’ll Do Anything) Para Sa’yo. If you are from Iloilo or have been to Iloilo then you must have known that the locations of the music video is in fact in – you guessed it – Iloilo!

I appreciate everyone who promotes my hometown so I am gladly helping the artist by posting his song here on my blog.

To those who haven’t seen David Dimuzio’s (I’ll Do Anything) Para Sa’yo, here is the official music video:

The song is written by David Dimuzio and it features Top Suzara who is a former member of the acclaimed band Freestyle. Top Suzara wrote and sang the song ending, sampled with permission from his hit “Sabihin Mo Na”. This taglish song is the second single from David’s self-titled album which is not available on iTunes.


Tell me now I’ll do anything for you

Anything I’ll do it and give it my all

I’ll face any challenge

Tell me now I’ll do anything for you


To download this song for free check out his Facebook page: http://Facebook.com/DavidDiMuzio

Full Lyrics: http://Soundcloud.com/DavidDiMuzio



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