Being truthful – in a gentle, caring way – is one of the easiest ways to simplify your life. Think of Shakespeare’s classic phrase: “Oh what a tangled web we weave.” What this means is that when we are not truthful, we need to spend a lot of energy trying to remember what we said to whom. Think about the stress involved when you lied to someone and didn’t tell them the truth; instead you concocted a whole new story. How simple your life would be if you did not operate a dual life.

Truthfulness means being honest about your feelings and being real about who you really are. Being honest about your feelings does not mean running around telling everyone your darkest thoughts or telling people a lot of negative things about them -what’s the point of all that anyway? – It simply means being who you are. It means living from your essence, your core, and not putting on an act in order to impress others. I remember I finally felt that I’d reached a true level of acceptance of myself when I could admit to people that my favorite movie was The Wedding Singer. The Wedding Singer has absolutely no intellectual stimulation and few redeeming qualities, except that it is total airheaded, relaxing fun. I no longer felt that I had to impress others with my intelligence or dazzle them with intellectual interests I had or did not have. I also abandoned the grueling corporate/yuppie life to return to my longtime love of sleeping (joke!). LOL! I meant I returned to my longtime love of staying and working at home, thus owning my time too. I no longer cared if people thought I was nifty because I was or wasn’t a yuppie.

Truthfulness also means relating to others in a gentle and real way. If you like somebody, what a wonderful gift to tell him or her. If you are feeling sad, how comforting to be real and be accepted by someone who cares rather than putting on a false face and smiling like a cheerleader or a clown. Being real in this way takes a lot less energy. Putting on false fronts, having enemies, or telling lies keeps us filled with inner turmoil. The heart of simplicity is having inner peace, and we can be peaceful only when we are truthful and real.


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