Finding Pleasures in Everyday Life

First of all I would like to greet everyone a Happy New Year! I am having a slow and wonderful day here at home with my family and I hope you are as well. My blog post today is all about awareness and how you can also incorporate it in your daily lives. So please read on and learn how. :)

Awareness – that’s how we can find pleasure and delight in the typically overlooked moments of our lives. It is also the simplest way of finding meaning in our everyday lives. Simple pleasures are about finding joy and delight in everyday things and everyday occurrences. Finding these pleasures is like walking along with a child who is constantly enthralled with things that adults no longer see. The awe and curiosity of children is something that we should follow.

You can take pleasure in simple chores such as folding laundry. Think of each person who wears the item and what he or she means to you. Take pleasure in riding the jeepney or the bus on your way to and from work. Think of the productive day that has been given to you. Take pleasure in sitting at the beach. Feel the sand on your feet, the sun on your face and the blue waters waiting for you to take a dip. Listen to the birds chirping outside your window (that’s what I’m doing right now while writing these blog post). And tonight I’ll be listening to a few crickets that come and go as well. Just be aware of your surroundings – of where you are right now, and take pleasure in everything you see, smell, feel and hear. It would make a whole lot of difference.

I also try to remember to turn everyday annoyances into simple pleasures whenever I can. If someone leaves slippers on the living room floor, I like the feeling much better when I think of the slippers as signs that someone I love lives with me rather than getting angry that they weren’t put away. When my brothers leave their stuffs in my room, I get annoyed but then I quickly remind myself that I love having 4 brothers around and that their stuffs are a part of their lives and of course I just tell them right away to clean up their mess. LOL!

And now I am going to share a simple activity with all of you that will kind of teach you how to be “aware” of everything around you. For one afternoon or evening (you can also do this in the morning), find natural entertainment where you live. Find it close to your home. Because often we think we need to drive miles or go to the beach or hike in the mountains and we miss the little things that are close by. You can lie in the grass or sit under the sun or moon. Snuggle with your loved one or a family member and look up at the sky. Talk to your companion. You can actually get to know people in a new way when you are cuddled together in the great outdoors. If you live in some place where lying in the grass is difficult, you can capture the same sensations by taking a long evening walk or even sitting on a porch or stairstep. Feel the air against your skin and notice how the patterns of light play against the trees and the buildings. Listen to the sounds. When you come inside the house, compare the feeling to a night when you spent a lot of money to be entertained. What do you think?

So I also hope and pray that you see with fresh eyes all the things that have been there all along but had not been able to see. Let’s all start the New Year with fully aware hearts and minds! Welcome year 2012!

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