Inner Simplicity

I think the number one reason why most people even think about simplifying their lives is to attain some level of inner peace and contentment. They have tried all of the outward trappings – new cars, new houses, wardrobes, careers, relationships – and found that while those things can bring some joy and satisfaction, the positive feelings are only fleeting and they can also bring added stress and gets exhausting. I know exactly how all of that feels like. Always looking outside of ourselves for happiness is indeed exhausting. The search is just endless.

How much richer it’s going to be if we feel joy and contentment inside of ourselves first, before seeking pleasure outside. Then we can be more selective about choosing our outside pleasures and those choices will come from a place of inner strength, not as a temporary “fill-up” for emptiness. We are left wanting more when we spend all or most of time seeking outside pleasures and neglecting our inner selves. We do not know what the “more” is but we are vaguely aware that something is missing.

I will be blogging more about inner simplicity so please check back again. I’ll leave you with this quote to ponder on:

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
          Oliver Wendell Holmes

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