Oton's Light-A-Tree Program and Food Festival 2011

Oton Municipal Hall

The Ogtonganons are celebrating Christmas again this year with lots of food and beautiful lights! The Light-A-Tree Program and Food Festival 2011 opened last December 15th and it will be ongoing until December 23rd. The venue is at the Municipal Heritage Lagoon and the town plaza. So if you guys want to see and experience how the people of Oton celebrate Christmas we-re just 30 minutes away from Iloilo City!

I liked this one because of the Belen.

Light-A-Tree Program and Food Festival 2011

Schedule of Activities

December 15     Effect Zero Band     6:00PM

Los Amigos Band (Sequencer)     9:00PM

December 16     Maricon (Acoustic)     6:00PM

DyeVest Band     9:00PM

December 17     Nene (Acoustic)     6:00PM

Ilonggo Artists (Hip Hop Group)     9:00PM

December 18     Eman (Acoustic)     6:00PM

Sold Out Band     9:00PM

December 19     Nightshift Band     9:00PM

December 20     Cosmic Jive Band     9:00PM

December 21     “DOS” Jojo & Kim (Acoustic)     6:00PM

Remix Band     9:00PM

December 22     SPAMC Band     6:00PM

5th Wave Band     9:00PM

December 23     Nene (Acoustic)     6:00PM

Mezzaforte Band     9:00PM


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