Fresh Start Organic Farm in Silay City

Last month we went to Silay City, Negros Occidental to attend the Visayas leg of the Philippine Blog Awards. Outstanding bloggers, old and newbies were awarded that day and we got the chance to meet and network with the Negros Bloggers as well. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for a job well done!

Fresh Start Organic Farm

But what I was excited most was the Silay City tour the next day and one of the highlights of the tour was when we went to Fresh Start Organics Farm. We were met there by the owner Mr.  Ramon “Chin-Chin” Uy, Jr.  and his staff.

Fresh Start Organics is a privately owned company which was founded in 2005 by Mr. Ramon Uy and his wife Mrs. Francine Uy. They actually first started as producers of organic fertilizers and their company has grown into a business whose expanded product range includes not only certified organic fertilizers, but also fresh and let me say it again “ORGANIC” produce, organic rice, organic coffee (my favorite!) as well as organic pigs (they are vegetarian pigs) and free range chickens. Other additions to Fresh Start’s product lines include Healthy Pantries and Natural Personal Care products.

The African Night Crawlers

Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer and Vermicastings

The Uy’s business all began with the organic fertilizer which is now known as Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer and Vermicastings. When we arrived at the farm, Mr. Ramon Uy introduced us to his “silent workers” – the African Night Crawlers – they are very industrious earthworms who are in charge of decomposing the various organic materials then convert them to vermicompost. Their organic fertilizers are registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority (FPA) and are known to be rich in humus, fungi, plant nutrients and other beneficial organisms. Fresh Start Organic Blend Fertilizer and Vermicastings also help improve the efficiency of water and nutrient use in soil as well as promote better plant growth and increase crop yield.


Fresh Start Organic Farm

After we learned about their organic fertilizer we then went to the farm. On the farm’s entrance, a banner proudly announces that their farm uses no chemicals, no pesticides and no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). They are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! They encourage biodiversity and rely on building and maintaining healthy, rich and fertile soils to grow their crops. Mr. Ramon Uy also shared with us that they believe in natural and sustainable methods to produce their rich soil and the soil in turn will produce nutrient-filled, healthy crops which in turn leads to healthy animals and healthy people. That is their foremost principle behind their farm.

Some of their Natural Personal Care products.

Fresh Start Organic Food Stores

So after the production of organic fertilizer and discovering their passion in organic farming, naturally the next step was creating their very own organic food stores. Their food store products include a wide selection of certified organic vegetables, fruits, salad greens and culinary herbs. They also have Red Brown, Black, White Organic Rice varieties, Rainforest Organic Coffee and Organic free range chickens and eggs.

With Ms. Gladys Abayon, Marketing Officer.

Fresh Start Organics also support and encourage other local food entrepreneurs to use organic, healthy ingredients. They supply some of Bacolod’s famous and leading hotels and restaurants. Their food stores also serve as a channel for educating consumers about the values and benefits of organic farming. Fresh Start is taking the initiative to raise people’s awareness about organic culture, food safety and environmental conservation.

Here in Iloilo, you can find Fresh Start Organics products at The Atrium Mall (Gen. Luna St. Iloilo City).

Banner at the entrance of the farm.

F0r more photos please check out my Picasa Album.

For more information, please see their contact details below:

Fresh Start Organics

Address: Hacienda Maquina, Brgy. Rizal, 6100 Silay City, Philippines


Phone: +63344411490


Facebook Page:



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